Sit Back and Enjoy Your Bite…Errrr, I Mean FLIGHT!

Ahhh, bed bugs! Two words that send my skin crawling and leave me reaching for the kerosene and matches. The fear of an infestation is never too far out of your mind when your Fly Guy or Fly Gal lays his/her head on a different hotel pillow each and every night.

Our traveling spouses do everything in their power to avoid the pesky little buggers – from keeping those suitcases off all things fabric and checking behind the headboards, to leaving their traveling gear as far from our own mattresses and carpets as humanly possible. But still…

Me ‘taking care of’ my husband’s suitcase if he comes home with bed bugs in it!

We all know that bed bug infestations have been an increasingly common issue in hotels across the world, and not just the seedy ones either, but most of us don’t give a second thought to plopping our tushies down in those [cramped] airplane seats, leaning our heads back, grabbing our mobile devices, and preparing for the….bite?!

Ugh. Tell me it’s not true!

Honestly, it was only a matter of time before those determined little critters made their way from the hotel sheets to the airplane seats. After all, the very same travelers inhabit both spaces on a daily basis. It only makes sense that they would take advantage of those flight benefits and hitch a ride to new and exciting destinations complete with exotic cuisines…American food, Indian food, Chinese food, Mexican food. The possibilities are endless when you have wings!


Apparently, passengers on ‘multiple’ (as in more than one) Air India flights out of EWR (because EWR needs a worse reputation!) are reporting being the main course for an infestation of bed bugs on their seats. So. Not. Cool. In fact, this whole thing really ‘bites’!

One particular passenger, Mr. Pravin Tonsekar, posted a cringe-worthy photo of the critter-infested seats he and his family were occupying on their 17-hour international flight from EWR to BOM. Seventeen hours of….NEVERMIND. I am itching all over just thinking about it. Blech!

**photo Pravin Tonsekar/Twitter

All joking aside, bed bug infestations are no joke and are close to impossible to get rid of once established. Forget Snakes on Planes! If you want to create a realistic horror movie for all of us out here in the aviation world, produce a movie called Bed Bugs on Planes. I won’t be sleeping for weeks just thinking about it.

So, aviation brothers and sisters – be aware and be diligent about bed bug precautions as you travel. Keep those suitcases off all fabric surfaces in those hotels (I hear the bathroom counter is the least likely place to pick them up), check those rooms and airplane seats before getting comfy.

Ladies, have all of those fantastic, wonderful, beloved, traveling spouses of yours strip down to their birthday suits (it would be kind of sexy, but considering the context…) and head straight to the [super duper burn-your-skin-off hot] shower the moment they get home, sending those clothes straight to the [super duper burn-your-skin-off hot] wash – just in case.

Do not pass go. Do not touch your bed! Then next time you fly sit back, relax and enjoy your bite…errrr, I mean flight! 

~Angelia (a Pilot Wife who does not want bed bugs in her home)

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