Southwest Crew Delivers Forgotten Bridesmaid Gown to Costa Rica

Grayleigh Oppermann was ecstatic when she landed in Costa Rica to attend her sister’s wedding. I mean, who wouldn’t be?! That excitement turned to absolute horror, however, when she realized that she had left her bridesmaid dress at home. (For the record, that sounds exactly like something I would do!)

Realizing that regular mail services had no options that would get it there in time for the impending ceremony, she turned to the people I happen to love best – our aviation family!

In desperation, she and her friends put out a plea on social media for anyone headed to Costa Rica (SJO) in a plane from Houston (IAH/HOU) who would be willing to coordinate taking the dress with them short notice – as in pronto!

The aviation community quickly took up the challenge! I personally saw the plea first made in private PW group asking if anyone’s spouse was flying that route and would be willing to make the special delivery, but it quickly spread like wildfire across our aviation communities.

I offered to cross post it in the local Pilot Wife group thinking it might land in the right hands there and also planned on posting it on The Pilot Wife Life as well as contacting our friend and chief pilot at SWA as soon as I got home (I was out doing chores) in hopes that one of the members of our ranks would be able to help her with her dilemma.

I am so happy to announce that I did absolutely NOTHING to help this woman. Nada. Not a thing. I never had to! By the time I arrived home twenty minutes later and opened up the thread…arrangements were already underway! It’s amazing what we can do when we all come together.

Grayleigh’s friend, Taylor Kenney, had apparently also posted her plea to Southwest Airline on Twitter (who runs that route) asking if they could arrange something for the dress. Southwest answered the call immediately, and just like that the dress was on it’s way to Costa Rica! (Okay, there was a little more work involved, but you get the picture!).

@SouthwestAir help!! My friend is in a wedding on Saturday in Costa Rica but she left her bridesmaid dress here in Houston! Can we get her dress on flight #1734 tomorrow??? #WorthATry #BestCustomerService— Taylor Kenney (@taylorkenney7) March 1, 2019

Isn’t that absolutely amazing? I love this community! I love the enthusiastic willingness – from individual to corporate – to go the extra mile to help one family in need. I am so proud of all the aviation community who picked up the call, spread the word, and tried to assist…and especially of all the members of the Southwest crew who went out of their way to make sure that this special package arrived safely in time for the wedding! You guys knocked it out of the park…and the states, to be fair! Here is a great article with some fantastic photos from the entire ordeal. You should check it out! They really had fun with this one!

Well played, Southwest Airlines. Well played!

Friends, there is so much good in our world! So many amazing stories get skimmed over in favor of the ‘other’ less palatable ones that sell. I love being able to share these amazing forgotten stories and show the world that kindness still exists and still wins the day.

If you hear of any aviation stories of kindness like this one, please don’t hesitate to drop me a contact form and let me know! It is my hope and goal to make kindness viral, and I love having the opportunity to share the things that oftentimes go unnoticed.

I love you, family! Sending you blue skies and tailwinds.

Angelia (a proud aviation community member)

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