Girls Were Born to F.L.Y.

Angelia (TPWL Author)/ 2 comments

Girls were born to F.L.Y.!

To all the amazing ladies out there who have overcome stereotypes, hurdles, and judgement to earn those precious wings…PROPS TO YOU!!

To all the ladies out there who take to the skies and serve the PAX with never-ending patience, we know you are superheroes in disguise waiting to save the day should the need arise…BE PROUD!

To all of the ladies who refuse to be lost in the contrails of your husband’s career and continue to successfully pursue your own dreams…F.L.Y., SISTERS!

To all of the beautiful ladies of this world who are holding down the fort, raising the next generation, doing the mundane tasks without accolades, making the world a better place – to you, the woman reading this thread – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, PRECIOUS, LOVED!

I am SO proud to know, serve, and love you all. Women ROCK!


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About Angelia (TPWL Author)

Author. Pilot Wife. Mom. Farmer. Not necessarily in that order. Living what I love, loving what I live, and teaching the world to F.L.Y. one beautiful woman at a time!


  1. Love you & the awesome village you lead!

    1. Awwww! Thank you, sister. Keep FLYing!

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