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IN MEMORY OF THE MEMBERS OF OUR SKY FAMILY WHO EARNED THEIR FOREVER WINGS ON 9/11/2001; MAY YOUR NAMES BE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS AND ON OUR LIPS. **American 11** Captain John Ogonowski. First Officer Thomas McGuinness FA Barbara Arestegui FA Jeffrey Collman FA

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I often say it; the quickest way to change the world is to focus on changing one life. I believe this mantra so completely that it is the runway from which I launched and continue to lead this community. Each and every life matters

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Five Myths About Aviation Life – Diverted

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It never fails. As soon as I mention that my husband is a pilot, one of several typical responses/questions will immediately follow. It’s truly not the asker’s fault, as there is no way for them to have an insider scoop unless they are, well,

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Spatial Disorientation

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What I’m about to share is personal. Very. I didn’t create this community because I am a shining vision of transcendence and have it all perfectly figured out. Not even remotely. On my very best days I’m barely holding it all together with a

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In Case of Emergency, Get Off the Damn Plane

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“In case of emergency, please take as much time as necessary to gather all of your carry-on luggage from beneath your seat as well as anything you may have previously stored in the overhead bins, being absolutely certain to render the main aisle completely

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