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Recognize TPWL Followers Everywhere You Go!

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I have frequently been asked by you, my faithful followers, for a way to recognize fellow The Pilot Wife Life community members while traveling and when attending aviation events. I heard your requests and after much thought, some fun planning, and a great partnership,

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Thoughts on the Sea-Tac Incident

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In case you haven’t heard the story, very briefly, a man named Richard Russell, or ‘Rich’, somehow managed to steal a Horizon Q400 from Sea-Tac airport in Seattle on 08/11/2018 in an apparent suicide mission. He was a member of the airport ground crew

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Where in the World is Your Husband Today?

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Two nights ago I went to a function for my son. Over the course of an hour, I had five different people ask me the age-old, Pilot Wife question, “Soooooo, where is your husband right now?” To which, of course, I dutifully replied, “Uh…

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In Their Shoes – The Crew Room

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Life on the road as an airline pilot sounds sexy and fun – while we, the spouses, are left behind to do the boring, mundane things of life. We often fantasize (incorrectly so, in most cases) that they have the better lot in this

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You Just Plane Need These!

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As you know, we are growing. To support that growth, I have recently kicked off an official TPWL store. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! I have slowly been adding fun and encouraging items for your enjoyment. The sale of all

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My Husband Rocks My World

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My husband rocks my world. Every. Single Day. He is my best friend, my lover, my husband, my rock, my pilot, my forever. I’m not ashamed to proclaim it loud and proud! We currently abide in a time and culture in which it, quite

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