Just Winging It: Prayers for My Pilot Wife (autographed)


This is an autographed book. Non-autographed versions are available on Amazon. Please remit any special personalization instructions in the comments when placing the order.

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Aviation marriage is a unique and beautiful entity. Your wife is not an inconvenience or a blight on the flight plans of your life. She is a gift, a co-pilot with whom to share life’s journey. Whether your marriage is already soaring and you want to keep it that way or you are experiencing turbulence and long to know the joy of marriage as it was meant to be, this book is going to be a precious resource. I believe you are going to be amazed by the positive changes in your heart and marriage as you learn to make specific, intentional prayer for your wife a regular habit.

Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2 in
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