The Crystal Keys: Sera Oth Berinon (Autographed)


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How exactly does one go about the task of killing Death? That is the daunting question that ShHad Oth Gault must seek to answer. Birthed in the throes of Chaos and bearing a legacy swathed in blood, he must discover a way to destroy his own past in order to ensure the future of all mankind.

Though Destiny belongs to no man, every man must seek to embrace his own destiny. Lariac Yovonel must take up his ancestor’s sword, and with it restore honor to his people and drive back the impending darkness.

Orphaned at birth, Brant Branson is the last remaining heir to the House of the Heart. He is also all that stands between the Dark Lord and freedom. As he searches desperately to accept the truth of his unwanted ancestry, he soon discovers that the greatest enemy of all is the one that resides within.

Raised under the roof of privilege, Princess Tamaria is the epitome of spoiled. When she finds out that everything she thought she knew about her life was a ruse, however, her manicured world comes unraveled, and she must learn to put others before herself for the better good.

After six thousand years of imprisonment behind the Crystal Flame, the Dark Lord and his companion, Death, have gained possession of all but one of the four Crystal Keys needed to unlock the door to impending Chaos. In order to stop them, Brant, Tamaria, Lariac, ShHad, and others must each realize that they are more than just the circumstance of their past. In the process, their winding paths become entangled, each eventually coming to realize that, perhaps, the greatest power of all is love.

Can they overcome the overwhelming odds and defeat the impending powers of darkness? Find out in this epic, heart-pounding sequel: The Crystal Keys: Sera Oth Berinon.

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