The Crystal Keys: Champion of Destiny (Autographed)


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Six thousand years have elapsed since the God Wars and the overthrow of the Gods of Chaos. Over time, the races have become complacent in their comfortable, safe lives and have all but forgotten the bloody battles that stain the tapestry of their past. Now the Dark Lord and his companion, Death, seek to escape the confines of their prison behind the Crystal Flame and finally lay claim to their rightful place upon the throne. Of the four Crystal Keys created by the Gods of Order to imprison them, only one remains safe. In a tale of epic proportions, an unlikely cast including a cold-blooded murderer, a troubled orphan, a pampered princess, a reclusive hermit, a cantankerous Dwarven elder, and a small town boy must all realize their roles in the greater plan in order to save mankind from a fate far worse than death. In the process, a noble Shandarian Knight must rise above great personal adversity, take up his ancestor’s sword, and champion the destiny of his birthright. Can he succeed in finishing the battle that was waged long before his birth, restoring honor to his people and once and for all defeating the advance of the darkness? Find out in The Crystal Keys: Champion of Destiny.


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