My Husband Rocks My World

My husband rocks my world.

Every. Single Day. He is my best friend, my lover, my husband, my rock, my pilot, my forever. I’m not ashamed to proclaim it loud and proud!

We currently abide in a time and culture in which it, quite simply, isn’t ‘cool’ to love your spouse anymore. The socially acceptable ‘norm’ is to share memes that demean them, make jokes at their expense, and dishonor them with our words, attitudes, and actions every time we get a chance. Friends, it’s destroying our marriages.

So You're Telling me

The only truth this world maintains is the one which satisfies our own, individual, selfish desires. But love is not selfish! It is the union of two imperfect people who constantly struggle to intentionally put the needs of another human above their own. It’s hard work.

But, oh, how it’s worth it!

If loving my husband isn’t ‘cool’, then I don’t want to be cool.

He is my life’s joy; my everything! He encourages me, reigns me in, holds me tightly, gives me space, makes me laugh, and laughs even when I’m not funny (I am tho!).

He knows my strengths…and weaknesses…and loves me anyway. Oh, how he loves me! And vice versa. We choose one another every day. Yesterday, today, forever.

We are not perfect; we are perfect together.


Is it always easy? No, of course not! Sometimes we have to remember to fight for each other and not against one another. Sometimes we hurt each other have to forgive. But we always do. We decided a very long time ago that leaving was not an option; and here we are, still doing this thing.  He’s worth the fight.

And do you know what? I love him more today than every day before. In fact, I love him so much it hurts. The feel of his breath on my skin, the scent of him, the safety of his arms wrapped around me… These things break me.

The hard times have made us stronger. The distance has made us closer. He is mine; I am his. I am madly, deeply, fiercely in love with that man. I am not ashamed of that. I don’t care what the world says.

Together, forever; he and I against the world. If I had the chance to do it all over again?

In a heartbeat.

So guess what? In a culture that degrades marriage and finds it easier to complain, bemoan, and leave than lift up, encourage, and stay…I am going to courageously shout it out at the top of my lungs for all of heaven and earth to hear every chance I get:

I am overwhelmingly, over-the-top, in love with my husband.

I hope you will too…I pray that it’s contagious. Love them courageously, family. Your spouse is a beautiful gift.

Angelia (a Pilot Wife that is not ashamed of Love)

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8 thoughts on “My Husband Rocks My World”

  1. Much needed advice…you words are always uplifting. Thank you. It isn’t always easy, we have our ups and downs, but we are in it forever as well. 😀

  2. I am not seeing the message anywhere in my online world that its not cool to love your spouse and instead to demean them. I would hate to feel that I live in that world. Maybe I am just lucky.
    I adore my husband and thats the message from everyone in my social media world.

    1. thepilotwifelife

      I’m so glad you are not part of those groups. That gladdens my heart. Believe me, they are out there.

  3. I found your blog through Inspire Your Marriage. I am so glad that I did. I love what I have read so far. It is so important to stand for our strong marriages and not be afraid to be proud of our love. Great post! I also think the ‘theme’ you continue with your headlines and posting is awesome and super catchy! I have a ‘shift worker’ husband so while he is still in the same city and state as me, sometimes we are in different time zones, lol. I understand that life! Kuddos to us strong wives!

    1. I’m so glad you found my page! Though I speak predominantly to aviation women (where my experience is), I have a large and beautiful following of ladies just like yourself who live similar livestyles and who enjoy the community and positivity I try to maintain with my community. Welcome aboard!

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