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As you know, we are growing. To support that growth, I have recently kicked off an official TPWL store. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! I have slowly been adding fun and encouraging items for your enjoyment. The sale of all of these items go to fund the astronomical growth of this community. There are some amazing and fun changes headed our way as a whole, and this is simply helping to offset the costs (that I’ve been paying for out of my husband’s pocket) while giving you some encouraging and fun items to show your PW pride!

What a great combo, right!?

The item I am most excited about, however, are the new official TPWL designed leggings! It is very important to me that I am offering you something worth the having, so of course I ordered a pair myself to test and examine before offering them up to you publicly. It was a hard secret to keep!

I am excited to say they arrived a couple of days ago (to the sound of my squeals of delight!) and I tore into them immediately, eager to see what my hard work had actually produced. Would they pass this girl’s stringent leggings test? Would the design look like I envisioned when actually placed on the product? Would it be something I would feel GOOD about offering to my beautiful sisters?

I am really finicky about the leggings I wear, and I didn’t want to offer you anything that I would refuse to put on my body. This was an important, make-or-break moment for this particular item in my line of product.

And here’s my analysis:

1. Peek-a-boo: I don’t need anyone seeing my tushy through my gear. Seriously, nobody needs that kind of trauma. My leggings absolutely have to be opaque enough to cover whatever color undergarments (or not – I’m not judging) you want to put under there. I’m happy to say, they ARE! There was zero peek through. I even had my poor BFF look at my butt this morning to make sure. I sent a close-up picture to my husband for his opinion, but I think he was kind of distracted. **shrugs


2. Size: They fit very true to size, but comfortably so! They are a fit that does not sag down my legs or slide off my hips while I am running (yep, I tried that too – just for you, don’t get used to it!). They also did not cut off circulation around my midsection either. They are true-to-fit, no slide, stay in place, don’t-cut-off-circulation kind of leggings. I like that.

3. Material/texture: I am a texture person. I love the way certain materials feel against my skin, and hate the way others feel. There is no in between. These are the ‘love’ kind. The distributor calls it ‘suede’. I don’t know what to call it, but my me and kids have been rubbing my leg all day because they feel so buttery, silky soft. And yet, they feel durable too. I had a pair of leggings that ripped a big hole the first time I put them on and yanked them up. That is not okay. So I tugged and pulled at these a big. No tears or runs. To make sure it wasn’t just me, I had that same BFF do some leg rubbing. And she just thought we were going out for coffee… (Don’t worry I payed; she deserved it!). She’s a seamstress. They passed her test too, so I’m feeling pretty good about this.


4. Print/design: My husband said to throw them in a corner and see how they looked to pass the test, because that was where they were going to end up. LOL. Well…they look pretty good in a pile. But they also look very cute on too! I am actually very, very pleased with how they turned out! The colors are true to design, no running or bleeding. The design is so cute that it would look good sitting on the sofa watching a movie and drinking wine (I tried that too…just for you, of course. LOL!), taking a morning run, or throwing on a tunic and heading out to coffee with a friend (although you probably shouldn’t show her your butt and make her rub your leg if you don’t want it to get awkward…). These are adorable, no doubt about that.


5. Versatility: Here are the things I like to do in my leggings: Everything except non-rev (only because they won’t let me)! I love to wear them around the farm while I work, to exercise, to take a long hike, to chill and watch a movie, to sleep in, to wear under a cute tunic for a night on the town. I want them to work hard for me. That means they have to be tough enough to deal with my crazy chickens, fit well enough that I’m not hiking them up every three steps, comfortable enough that I can breathe while running (or sleeping), stretchy enough that they expand when I eat that bag of Oreos late at night, and cute enough that people say, “OOOOOOH, where did you get those!” when I head to dinner. It’s a tough bill for any pair of leggings to fill, but somehow they made the cut!


I am pleased to say that I love them! I’m not telling you this because I am selling them in the store. I am telling you that because I love them. I am real like that. No way I would sell you something I hated. These really are such a cute, comfy, versatile pair of leggings that I believe you will feel just as at home lunging, lounging, or lunching in them! The texture is unbelievably addictive (I’m already planning my next design just so can buy my own pair and continue my obsessive leg petting!) and am excited to be adding this fun, comfortable, and very cute item to my TPWL store so that you can enjoy them too. Oh, and I promise not to rub your leg if you buy a pair…but I can’t stop your sexy Fly Guy from doing it! Actually, that’s a bonus, right? Ladies, you just plane need these!

**side note: The only real problem I have found with them so far…is that I don’t want to take them off! Eventually, I’m going to have to launder them though…. Maybe.

You can check out our new TPWL Airplanes in the Clouds leggings here! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

love you family! Thanks for being a part of this journey. I can’t wait for you to see the huge plans I have for our future.

Angelia (a legging addicted Pilot Wife)

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