Weekly Prayer ~ Trust

Today I am praying for trust.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this beautiful day upon which we open our eyes. Today may our spirits be renewed and our weariness be lifted. Trust is a huge topic in the aviation community. It takes a lot of trust to be apart and live two separate but connected lives. And when that trust is broken by one spouse, the fallout is devastating.

Lord, let us be worthy of the trust of our spouses.

Whether we are on the road or left behind, help us to honor our marriages in ways that deserve and honor that trust. Remind us that our spouses deserve our trust until there is reason not to. Do not let us harbor constant mistrust and suspicion when none is indicated.

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For those whose trust has been broken by the one person outside you whom we should be able to trust the deepest, I pray today for healing. Mend their hearts and shattered spirits. Help them to learn to trust again. We hate brokenness. You hate brokenness more, Lord. Make them whole again. Whether that wholeness comes from reconciliation or a new beginning elsewhere, that knowledge belongs only to you and the person who has been affected. Guide their steps. Help them make hard choices. Give them happiness beyond the pain. Please set their feet on a path that leads to a life filled with love, kindness, and renewed trust.

Lord, to trust is to be vulnerable with another flawed human. It is hard; yet it is vital for marriages to thrive.

Today I pray trust.


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