Eleven Things That Always Happen When He’s Away

We all know that the pilot wife life at its worst can be chaos, but at its best it’s…

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Eh, who am I kidding? At its best it’s still chaos! Sometimes it’s good chaos and sometimes… well, let’s just go with not so good. But it’s our chaos and we own it, rise above it, and figure out a way to love it. Because that’s who we are!

Then at the end of the day we pop the cork and make a much deserved toast to us —the strong, the insane, the Pilot Wives! 

Because let’s face it, if we don’t learn to laugh about it, then we’ll cry instead. 

So just for a little light-hearted fun, here are eleven things that always happen when he’s gone:

1.  You and your children all come down with an illness, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in centuries…like the Martian plague or perhaps the dolphin flu. 

2.  It breaks. By ‘it,’ of course I mean… Every. Single. Thing. You. Own. It’s the law. Pilot Wife law, that it!

3. Every activity that your family participates in has a ‘mandatory’ event. On the very same day. At the very same time. Now all you have to do is figure out how to be in four places at once. You’ve got this!

4. Your sweet little angels lose the halos and grow big devilish horns as soon as the door clicks shut behind your pilot. Why?????

5.  Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries all happen. How do special occasions always know when he’s gone? Never fails. (PS: Celebrate anyway!)

6. The dog eats something weird and has explosive diarrhea and vomiting on the carpet. Six times. No…wait, make that seven. 

7. Someone needs you to make a major life-altering medical or financial decision right this minute. And no, they absolutely can’t wait until he comes home. Period.

8.  It breaks. Again. Seriously, it’s worth mentioning twice.

9. A stray _____ shows up on your porch and you just can’t say no because it’s really cute and lonely (just like you). And let’s face it, he’s your ‘no’ person and when he’s gone you’re too tired to fight the good fight. And of course eventually this leads right back to number six. 

10. Your beautiful, quiet, middle-class oasis of safety suddenly becomes a terrifying, creaky, haunted mansion when the sun sinks below the horizon. Hold on. I need to go check my locks. Again.

11. You miss him like crazy. Because despite the craziness, you chose each other. And this is our beautiful, unique life.

Ladies, you are beautiful, amazing, cherished, and fiercely loved! I know some days this life feels wildly out of control…but I promise, you’ve got this!

Laugh, live, and love one another fiercely.

~Angelia (a fellow Pilot Wife)

4 thoughts on “Eleven Things That Always Happen When He’s Away”

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  2. OMG….this is so spot on. I had to make an offer on a house while he was gone because there was another couple waiting outside the house ready to grab it out from under us. And, guess who was out of the country when a trailer came off a landscape truck, hit my car and trapped me inside? Fun times, lol.

    1. Angelia (TPWL Author)

      Oh dear!!! That is EXACTLY the kinds of stuff that happens! I once had an 18-wheeler, the big toe trucks (the ones that lift 18-wheelers, and a crane truck stuck in my yard…all while blocking a crew of 20 construction workers in my yard. While he was gone. 🤣😒

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