Like a Diamond in the Sky

No matter where you are on this great big planet, you can gaze up at the clear night sky and see the stars twinkling above. And whoever you are, whatever you believe, wherever you originate from, if you slow down and take a moment to intentionally marvel at the vastness of the heavens, it’s truly a magnificent sight to behold. There’s something universally magical about a star-strewn, midnight sky.

Not only are the stars breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also invaluable. Without those shimmering pinpricks of celestial light, the heavens would be an endless void of suffocating darkness. And of course, there would be no constellations and no North Star to guide countless travelers over countless centuries – past, present, and future – upon their various journeys. Each little star is infinitely precious – full of hope and wonder, driving back fear and darkness, lighting the paths at our feet, steadfastly guiding us to our destinations. Priceless. ‘Like a diamond in the sky’, as the old children’s rhyme goes.

The truly astounding thing about light is that the darker the surroundings, the brighter it shines. Light a single candle in a sunlit room and you probably won’t even notice the insignificant flame; light it on a moonless night in the middle of nowhere and it can be seen from miles and miles away. Any pilot will readily attest that once they leave behind the artificial lights of manmade civilization and soar through the inky night skies, the stars become startlingly brilliant. Darkness does not consume light; light overcomes darkness. Darkness does not diminish the beauty of the stars one iota but rather enhances it exponentially!

From our vantage point on earth, the stars all look very similar, save their position in the sky. Perhaps some may seem slightly brighter or larger than others or may even shine with a slightly different hue, but with the naked eye, they are still characteristically indistinguishable one from the other.

The closer you get to them, however, the more individualized you realize that they actually are. No two are exactly alike; most are strikingly different. Some are truly stars while others are actually planets or moons. They are made of different substances, have diverse atmospheric conditions, follow unique orbits. Yet each is mesmerizingly beautiful and has been allotted a specific place of belonging and purpose in the vastness of the universe.

You, my sisters, are shining stars.

I began this community in 2016 because, like the rest of the world, the aviation culture was swathed in a cloak of darkness, negativity, trolling, and just plain meanness. I despised it. Instead of turning my head, I decided to do something about it, so I set out to create a different kind of place where you could shine. And shine, my amazing sisters, you have.

I have had the great honor of getting to know Pilot Wives from every state and many nations around the world. I constantly marvel at the vastness of you; you are truly a magnificent sight to behold. From a distance, the world would clump us all together under one insubstantial, stereotypical subheading. The closer I draw toward you, however, the more individualized I realize we all are. The truth is that no two of us are exactly alike; most of us are strikingly different. We are made of very different substances, have diverse circumstantial conditions, follow unique life orbits, and originate from every imaginable background.

You are breathtakingly beautiful, each and every one.

I watch day after day in uncontained pride as you continue to pour kindness, love, and positivity into this dark culture. It is a thing of extraordinary hope and wonder. Let me assure you that this community matters. You matter, individually.

Every choice you make, every encouragement you share, every time you choose joy, you are creating a ripple affect of beauty that reaches far beyond the boundaries of your imagination. You are so precious, and you are creating something new and breathtaking, driving back the darkness in our circles, lighting the path for the next generation of aviation families, and helping guide one another to greater life destinations. I have seen friendships cultivated, hearts healed, and marriages saved through the work of this page – through your willingness to give negativity the boot and love one another fiercely.

You, my beautiful sisters, are diamonds in the sky.

I know that it is sometimes difficult to maintain the positivity and to stand strong in the daunting culture of darkness in our world, and we find ourselves wondering if the prize is worth the fight.

It is.

Let me encourage you with these words – darkness does not diminish the beauty of the stars but rather enhances it exponentially. The light you bring to this community, and I dare say beyond, day after day after day is mesmerizingly beautiful. In the moments when you feel like the world is trying to suffocate you with its choking darkness, remember it in those moments that the light you shine will be brightest for others to see. When we are being attacked for standing firm and respond with class and kindness, our light is being seen for miles and miles. When we refuse to stand for trolling and bullying in our communities, we are driving back fear and lighting a path of hope for others to follow.

Don’t ever stop shining, friends. Don’t let the ugliness of others extinguish your light. Each of you has been allotted a specific place of belonging in this vast universe of aviation (and the world) that others might see your light through the darkness and be drawn to something better – something infinitely more beautiful.

And let me assure you that the aviation world at large is taking notice. I hear astounding stories every day. We are slowly but steadily changing the landscape around us with our steadfast love and unwavering light. Everywhere I go, I inadvertently run into people who have been made aware of this community and are talking about it. Our numbers continue to grow at an astounding rate. That’s because people are hungry for what we are creating.

Your light is penetrating every corner of the earth around the world, and it is making a difference.

I encourage you to continue to get to know your aviation sisters on a personal level. Meet together in small groups. Create local community. Share and advocate this site so that we can continue to grow and help others find their way here to a place where they are understood and loved.

Be a positive light in social media forums. Love your spouse fiercely and out loud. Spread love and respond to unkindness with a gentle heart. Reject negativity and be a shining example for others to follow.

One star can make a  difference in the darkness; a million stars can overcome it completely.

Keep shining, family.

~Angelia (a Diamond in the Sky)

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