In Their Shoes – The Crew Room

Life on the road as an airline pilot sounds sexy and fun – while we, the spouses, are left behind to do the boring, mundane things of life. We often fantasize (incorrectly so, in most cases) that they have the better lot in this life and that we got the short end of the aviation stick.

I believe fresh perspective is everything, and I spend my time trying to close the gap between what we think is real…and what is really real! Oftentimes, our Fly Guys work long, grueling hours and have to catch their only moments of rest in that elusive place known only as ‘the crew room’. We hear about it. Many of our guys have ‘rested’ there. But what does it really look like?

Is it a tidy room full of delicious, nutritious snacks, joyful laughter, and pretty women (hint, hint: NO). Are sleeping peacefully in a quiet room, lounged back in lush, LazyBoy chairs? (hint, hint: Also NO). Are they having the time of their lives there while you are forced to sleep in your own home? (Give me home, or give me death!)

To help you gain perspective into your pilot’s day, here’s a little glimpse into the life of a pilot and that ‘sexy’ place where they spend a lot of time called ‘The Crew Room’. Special thanks to my own husband who, after a long day of WX and other very frustrating delays (and one more leg to go), took the time to grab this bit of video to give our dear friends here at The Pilot Wife Life – YOU(!)- a little glimpse into the [not-so] sexy, behind-the-scenes life of an airline pilot.’

I’m only glad that he wasn’t able to capture the smell and send it along too… Burnt popcorn, half-eaten tuna sandwiches, and 3-day old body odor, anyone?

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into your aviation spouse’s traveling life, and I pray that we learn to love them fiercely, offer compassion, and always try to put ourselves in their shoes – because those are some very tired feet, my sisters.

Sssssssexy (not).

Oh! And apparently, as of tonight, I am now the proud owner of a YouTube Channel for your viewing enjoyment! You can find me at ‘The Pilot Wife Life‘. Always growing; always seeking ways to strengthen marriages; always dedicated to helping you F.L.Y. Just another step toward creating a worldwide, positive community that will change the world of aviation from the inside out!

love you, family! Blue skies and smooth landings to all.

Angelia (a Pilot Wife who is glad I have my own bed to nap in)

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