Glass Half Full (of Tee)

Each of us has a unique set of experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, and emotions that all knit together to create the beautiful individuals that we are.

Although I write all of my own content at #thepilotwifelife to keep things clean, encouraging, and headed in the positive direction that I desire, I believe that occasionally it is also a great thing for you to hear some encouraging perspective from some of your other aviation sisters who have been there done that (and are there doing it)! Surely, you are all tired of my rantings and ravings by now?! So today I’m giving you a break from me and pouring you a nice, refreshing glass half full of Tee.

Today, I want to share (with her express permission) the words of of Tee with you. She is a pilot’s wife who contacted me not long ago with this heartfelt letter, and I think that her admission of her real life struggles along with her continued mindset to overcome them and live this life to the fullest is a wonderful reminder that we are all in this together. Knowing that we are not alone in our daily struggles is a beautiful and necessary encouragement to others of us walking through this journey!

I hope you enjoy these words of encouragement from our fellow aviation sister.

“I have been a pilots wife for going on two years but have been with my pilot for over 13 years.

My husband has been a traveling pilot since our son was two years old (now 12). I will admit, I am grateful that he was not a traveling pilot when our son was an infant. He was crucial during those times and very helpful to me. However, since then I have embraced the pilots’ life.

I truly look at the glass half full. My husband is gone over six months out of the year, although it’s only in 8 Day increments. But I go eight days without my husband!

I will say that you do get used to it pretty quick, at least for me. Just when you start to really miss them they’re coming back home. And then when it’s time for them to leave you’re actually looking forward to them going so you can get your routine back in order.

I enjoy the time alone even though I have my hands full with kids. Our life has been a roller coaster for sure, but I always know how much we love and respect each other.

Trust is a big deal when you have a partner gone for the amount of time that we all deal with.

But all in all it has been a blessing for our family, I believe. My husband gets to do what he truly loves and enjoys doing. It supports our family and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of it. So yes I say stay positive and don’t focus as much on the negative.

I am guilty of feeling down at times because of the lifestyle, but all in all, I think if you have trust and respect and communication and above all, a lot of love you can make it all work.

Stay strong ladies. If you’ve got a good one like I do, it’s all worth it in the end!”


Thanks for sharing these encouraging words, Tee! I think we all are guilty of down moments, but having a supportive community like this one to turn to helps keep us centered!

You are absolutely correct. Our husbands and their careers are a blessing, and we should all continue to strive to see the glass half full!

I love you, aviation family! I hope you find Tee’s words as encouraging as I did. Please drop Tee a word of thanks and encouragement in the comments for her willingness to share her heart with us.

love you, aviation family!


Angelia (a fellow pilot wife)



4 thoughts on “Glass Half Full (of Tee)”

    1. not only are pilots gone for long stretches,, some salesmen only come home weekends. I remember our next door neighbor, 60 yrs ago when we were 1st married, she didnt handle it very well, the bottle was her best friend. dont know what happened to her we moved away.

      1. That’s certainly true. There are a lot of professions that deal with the nuances of a traveling spouse. I welcome them all here, though I speak most directly to aviation because it’s what I personally know and can speak to firsthand.

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