An Ode to Pilot Wife Moms

Some #thepilotwifelife days are just like that.
Yeah, I have them too.
You know, where nothing seems to go right,
No matter what you do?

There’s red marker on his pilot shirt;
The dishes are stacked ceiling high;
Stepping on Legos really hurts!
“Don’t lasso the dog with daddy’s tie!”

She unintentionally broke grandma’s antique plate;
I unfortunately lost my cool.
“Get in the car we’re gonna be late!”
Who left the water running all night in the pool?

Blew my diet on chocolate (yes, an entire box!)
Ransacked the pantry for some more.
Have a hole in every single sock.
The dog puked [again] on the carpeted floor!

Forgot the wet laundry in the wash (again);
Burned the oldest kid’s grilled cheese.
Fight breaks out while I’m on the phone with the repairman.
Will someone pick up that Lego please!!

Our pilot called—plane’s delayed.
‘Sorry hon, I won’t be home.’
Tried not to cry (in front of them).
Looks like I’m doing yet another day on my own.

Still haven’t had a shower yet.
Five o’clock and dinner’s nigh.
No one fed the family pet (all week?)?
Managed to make every single kid cry.

Baseball game in an hour ten.
Their homework’s still not done.
I guess its Easy Mac for din.
Some days pilot wife mom life isn’t very fun!

The box exploded, sake’s alive!
Elbow noodles scattered on the floor.
Why can’t my man work 9 to 5?
My sanity can’t take very much more!!

Can’t believe we’re at Taco Bell again,
For the third (okay fourth) time this week.
This is seriously not what I had envisioned
When they said, “The pitter patter of little feet.”

Lost the game; lost his bat.
Someone starts to cough and sneeze.
There was bubble gum where I sat.
There goes my favorite jeans.

Between his flights, quick call from dad.
He sounds so stinking calm!
“Good night my loves. I miss you both.”
Now you be good for mom.

“Shower time (for them, not me).
Flooded bathroom floor.
Stories, hugs, and kisses.
Someone is coughing a whole lot more.

Finally! Time to tuck them in!
This day is done at last!!
But as soon as silence fills the house…
I miss their hugs, their smiles, their laughs.

Precious lambs, sound asleep.
In spite of myself, I grin.
As crazy as I know it sounds
I can’t wait to do it all again!

I love my kids and I love this life—
even when the chaos hits the fan.
I’m so proud to be a pilot’s wife.
I love my pilot fam!

To all of my pilot wife moms out there,
keep doing what you do!
This thing called pilot wife motherhood is not easy,
but is absolutely worth it! I promise, it’s true!

I love you, aviation family.


Angelia (a fellow pilot wife mom)


**photo courtesy Dreamstime



5 thoughts on “An Ode to Pilot Wife Moms”

  1. Happy Mothers day! I have similar days and my husband is in law enforcement. Its tough when you also work full time. I am just pleased that my life doesnt have lego in it 🙂

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