20 Great Gift Ideas for the Pilot Wife in Your Life


A TPWL™ original! These cute leggings are the perfect item to lounge around the house, hit the gym, or wear under a flowy tunic to your next aviation event! With their cute TPWL original designs and their buttery soft texture, they will instantly become your favorite thing to slip into (or out of…hey, whatever!). True to size, no peek-a-boo, durable, and versatile, they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Each pair is cut and sewn to order! Believe me, you just PLANE need a pair…or three! 




Would your wife like a fun, easy, and affordable alternative to salon manicures (and would you like to keep a few extra buck in the bank…)? Then I have an exciting and fun solution for you! Color Street Nail Strips are made in the USA and are real nail polish! No heat or tools are needed for application. Removes easily with regular nail polish remover but are durable enough to wear to work. There are tons of fun colors and designs available to choose from to meet her every fancy. It’s said that a woman does her hair for other people…but she does her nails for HER! Well, it’s true. Pretty nails make you feel pretty! Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for every single woman in your life. Moms, wives, daughters, friends, teachers… This is truly the perfect gift for them all!

This business is also run by one of our very own Pilot Wife sisters and TPWL followers. It’s always great to shop AND support our community! Here’s a great opportunity to keep it in the family this holiday season.

Check out Ellen’s WEBSITE HERE or message her for a free sample (yes, I said FREE!!!!) at ellensblessednails@gmail.com!

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Let’s face it! It’s not a matter of if it will break while you’re on a trip, but when. Stuff happens while the fly guy is on the road, and Pilot Wives have to be sufficient at tackling a wide array of home and automotive repairs. Every woman should have her very own rounded set of tools so that she’s always prepared (and so she knows where they are and doesn’t strip the tips of your Philips and make you grumpy). There’s lots of different choices out there, but here’s just one example of a great set just for her!





Thirty-One Gifts was founded in 2003 to give women, like fellow Pilot Wife Erin, the opportunity to run their own business. Over 15 years later, with their female founder still at the helm, they are still thriving! Thirty-one offers some great gifts for the Pilot Wife in your life including personalized totes, home decor, photo products, accessories, jewelry, purses, and thermal items. Erin’s involvement with Thirty-One Gifts began over five years ago when she was trying to organize her life as a new mom and Pilot Wife who manages most of the family tasks alone. She is part of the American Airlines family, after the merger with U.S. Airways a few years ago. She has been by her husband’s side through flight school, instructing, two regional carriers, and now an ongoing major airline career. You have to be flexible to be a Pilot Wife, and products from Thirty-One absolutely help her do just that! Purchasing great items from Erin’s Thirty-One puts a smile on your wife’s face and supports another one of our TPWL Sisters and Followers on her aviation journey!

Follow Erin’s very active Facebook Group HERECheck out Erin’s Instagram page HERE.

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A TPWL™ original! What is a Pilot Wife made of? She is a fierce and beautiful mixture of many amazing attributes. I asked a group of Pilot Wives to share the one word that they felt best described their PW sisters. I then used their answers to create this amazing design. It perfectly captures the true essence of Pilot Wives everywhere. She will love wearing her Pilot Wife attribute design and showing the world who she really is! Many other styles, colors, and items available.




Tammy and Barb are a mother/daughter team that have been running their small craft business, Travel Time Crafts, for 15 years. Tammy is a long-time follower of TPWL and is the wife of a traveling spouse that works in the Oil and Gas industry and has found love and strength with our group to handle this unique life style. She and her mom started this company when her mom and aunt traveled a lot and decided to come up with a solution to the [germy/nasty/shared] blankets and pillows offered on airlines. Their brilliant solution was the Travel Woobie – a pillow/blanket combination that folds neatly into one portable little bundle! They have created them in all different patterns and designs so there is a Woobie for everyone! And if you don’t see something you like? They take special orders and requests! If they can find they fabric they can make a Woobie! If you don’t have a Woobie…you just NEED one. I even added a picture of myself with my special order Woobie ‘non-revving’ to ATL!

They have expanded their inventory over the years as they find cute craft items to make and sell at local craft shows and their online Etsy store including the really fun traveling art caddy (pictured) for the kids and another of my favorites, micromits (can you say stocking stuffer???) which help you remove items from the microwave without burning your fingers and messing up those pretty new nails you bought from Ellen! They are also magnetic, so they conveniently hang on the side of your appliance. Did I mention they take special orders for any theme you love?! Well, they do!

They have also created a Facebook page where they keep their fans updated as to their local whereabouts.




One of the great paradoxes of the Pilot Wife Life: Can’t sleep when he’s gone, can’t sleep when he’s home! When he’s on a trip, every sound in the house is magnified times a thousand, and when he’s home she has to adjust to the weird sounds and lights (you guys know you sleep with the television on and snore!) of another human being in the house! This mask is a brilliant solution to both of those problems. This light-blocking mask has headphones built right in so she can listen to soothing music or sleep sounds (I wonder if the roar of jet engines is an option?) to help her sleep better while you’re away or home! And we all know – a rested wife is a happy wife! Of course, it is also fantastic for travel and resting in those noisy airplanes (not if you are flying it, mind you!) or in those equally noisy hotel rooms. Win-win-win!




Aviation marriage is a unique and beautiful entity. Your spouse is not an inconvenience or a blight on the flight plans of your life. He/she is a gift, a co-pilot with whom to share life’s journey. Whether your marriage is already soaring and you want to keep it that way or you are experiencing turbulence and long to know the joy of marriage as it was meant to be, this book is going to be a precious resource. I believe you are going to be amazed by the positive changes in your heart and marriage as you learn to make specific, intentional prayer for your spouse a regular habit.

These 31 aviation specific prayers are meant to be used as a pliable resource to aid pilots and their wives on their journey to find balance, joy, and contentment on the journey through the aviation life. They are written to be used in whatever manner works best for the reader, whether that is front-to-back, daily reading or turning to the page that best covers their current struggles and praying that specific prayer for days or even weeks. From jealousy and loneliness to temptation and intimacy – it’s in there! This book covers all of the major hurdles that aviation marriages must face and overcome during their lives together and will be an asset to aviation couples around the world as they learn to find a flight pattern that works for them!




This is the bag to have for the modern and frequent traveler! Lightweight and strong, this carry-on has smooth 360-degree spinner wheels and a classic look available in a variety of colors. It is also sized to fit in the overhead bins of most major airlines. The most notable feature is it’s TSA approved lock and an ejectable battery that allows for the charging of personal devices right from the top of the luggage near the handle! Can you say non-rev dream? And don’t worry, we have traveler and gate agent confirmation that the battery is super easy to eject and store for the flight! It’s becoming a traveler’s favorite.




Do you want to win husband of the year? Hire a house cleaner to come in and do a one-time thorough clean of her (okay…your!) home. Trying to keep the house clean is one of the most exhausting and endless tasks she faces as you travel. It’s like we live with a bunch of mini-tornadoes! As soon as she gets one chore completed, another needs done again! Or…so I have been told. (**shrugs) I promise she will thank you profusely for this thoughtful gift. Feeling really chivalrous? Buy her a monthly service for an entire year. Yeah…do that!

**Sorry, boys! Obviously no links for this one since you live all over the world! You are going to have to do a little work and find the service nearest you. 😉




We jump between our devices in the current technology laden world we live in, and most of us have photos and documents scattered between every single one of them! I am in absolutely love with my USB flash drive for phones, and she will be too! Help her easily store all her photos (of her handsome husband) in one safe place and view them on any device by simply plugging it into the appropriate port! It’s also a very wise idea to have your photos stored in more than one place for safety (losing all your photos heartbreaking!) and this device is the perfect backup plan. With 256GB capacity, she can put it all in one convenient location. It is Apple certified and TPWL tested and approved. Oh, and it is also encrypted in case it gets lost so not just anyone can access her private data. She will love this one. Or at least, I do.




Great stocking stuffer idea and VERY popular with my followers! Help her recognize other TPWL Sistas, find her luggage with ease, and remember to F.L.Y. (first love yourself) all in one cute little package! These beautiful pieces are equal parts art…and utility. They are handcrafted by a pilot craftsman from aircraft-grade aluminum. Each tag is 2 x 3 inches and include a split key ring as well as an aviation inspired, heavy-duty wire key ring with screw clasp. There is a place on the back for your personal information. Each piece is CNC water jet cut, tumbled in media to smooth the edges, painted on one side, cured, and then precision laser cut with the TPWL original logo and F.L.Y. design. Available in a variety of beautiful colors. They always go quickly, so get yours early!



If your wife is always cold, then look no further! I got this baby as an early birthday gift before a winter camp out, and I am in l.o.v.e.! It has three carbon fiber heating zones (shoulders, back, tummy) that are activated by a hidden power pack that has a run time of 2-6 hours depending on the heat setting you choose. The battery pack is rechargeable with a USB port, and the shirt’s heat is controlled by an embedded sleeve button (which by the way glows in the dark when on elevating the super awesomeness factor). The fabric is wicking, antibacterial, lightweight, and can even be washed in the washer! Winner! She can wear it for ANY activity where she gets chilled. It is super comfortable and really does get you nice and toasty. I even fell asleep in mine during the recent 33-degree camping trip! You can use any USB power pack as a backup in case she runs out of power on the longer activities. The insulation is so good on it, that often I don’t even have to turn it on because it holds my own body heat in so well that I stay way warmer than without a normal thermal shirt. Did I mention how much I love this thing? I’m currently beseeching my husband for one…or six…in every color! I know she will love it as much as I do.




Sometimes those brief showers are the only break from the chaos that your hardworking Pilot Wife gets while you are on a trip. Help her unwind and relax just a little bit more with this waterproof waterproof Bluetooth speaker with radio that will allow her to listen to her favorite tunes while she gets in a quick shower…or a nice soothing bath if she’s luckier than me! It’s a great indoor or outdoor companion and can be used at the pool, while gardening, camping, in the bath, and anywhere else she can think of where music and water might mix. It even has a microphone so she will not miss those important calls (from you of course!) when she is in the shower.




Now she can take notes, write a journal, create blog entries, create art, and so much more with pen and paper…and then send it right to a digital file with a click! Many people find their creative processes are much more free when using pen and paper as opposed to tech (me!), but with the digital age haven’t had a good way to transfer those ideas to digital form. Not anymore! Rocket Book is the answer to your creative prayers. They come in several sizes and lots of colors to please her eye. Even better, the notebooks are environmentally friendly, as they can be easily erased with water and reused time and time again! I use mine for taking notes, studying, writing blogs, kid’s schoolwork, shopping lists, and much more. When I am finished, I simply scan to file, erase, and begin again!




Non-revving is the name of the game, and checked luggage is a big non-rev no-no…if you ever want to see it again, that it! Help her fit all of her travel necessities into one neat bag with these fantastic compression packing cubes. They are easy to use, tough, and efficient. They utilize a 2-zipper system to help eliminate the extra bulk while packing. Zippers are reinforced for durability. Available in a variety of colors.




Help her carry her gear and express one aspect of who she is (because we all know we wear many hats!) with this cute TPWL backpack. A Pilot Wife is culmination of hundreds of beautiful qualities! I asked a group of pilot Wives to describe one another in one word and then used their answers to create this sweet design. Now she can proudly tell the world what she is made of while conveniently toting all of her necessities in one beautiful, convenient backpack! It is lightweight and waterproof with adjustable straps – perfect to use as a personal carry-on item for the plane or for everyday use around the town! And since I designed it, I happen to think it’s super cute!



Wine Rack Wood Wine Rack Wall Hanging Personalized Gift image 0


Give her a place to beautifully store and display her Pilot Wife juice. This handcrafted wine rack can be personalized with hand-painted lettering and is constructed of real wood. There is a place for her glasses at the bottom. If you want to go all out, stock it up with her favorite brands so she has a lovely assortment to readily choose from when you are away and Pilot Wife Law strikes…or she simply wants to kick back and enjoy the evening with a nice glass of wine.



Towel, Rose, Clean, Care, Salon, Spa, White, Bath


Let’s face it, she’s simply amazing! She works tirelessly to hold the fort down while you are away, wrangling chores, kids, bills, pets, jobs, and whatever breaks! Sometimes her job can be a thankless and always exhausting one 24/7, 365 days per year, and she often forgets to first love herself! Tell her thank you by giving her a day all to herself. A spa package with massage, facial, shampoo and blow dry, and nails is the perfect way to show her that you are thankful for all she does. She’s beautiful on the inside; help her look her best on the outside too!




A fun little stocking stuffer! Communication is key for a healthy marriage, but sometimes distance can make getting into the deep conversations hard. This cute box of conversation starters is the perfect way to open up the conversation and talk about things you probably never thought to ask before! Enjoy quality time with your partner and learn more about one another with this unique gift idea. You might be surprised that there are still a lot of things to learn bout one another! So put down the phone and pick up the conversation this Christmas.


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