Two Pilot Wives; One Heart

Okay, so I’m really excited about something that happened this past Saturday and wanted to share it with you because…

Well, it’s about you!

On Saturday afternoon I had the great honor and privilege of meeting with fellow pilot wife and owner-admin of the Houston Area Pilots’ Wives group, Kathryn Mills.

We met for some shopping at the newly opened Mercy House Global which exists to empower impoverished and oppressed women around the world followed by lunch with a purpose at a quaint local joint, Eden Cafe.

The purpose? To dreamstorm about ways she and I could use our respective talents and visions to better encourage, uplift, and serve you, the pilot wife community!

We had an amazing time getting to know one other, comparing experiences and ideas, and becoming excited about the vision of the future of The Pilot Wife Life and HAPW and how they could ultimately collaborate to accomplish a collaborative goal.

It became quickly apparent that we were two pilot wives who shared one heart–supporting and encouraging the marriages of the amazing men and women who grace the aviation world.

I walked away from our luncheon greatly encouraged and overflowing with new and exciting ideas about the trajectory of this page and the types of topics, activities, and future projects that might be undertaken to continue to lend ourselves to helping strengthen pilot marriages and help us all live this life well. The possibilities stretch as far as the horizon!

Local community support? Blogs? Books? Resources? Conferences? Surveys? Getaways? Collaboration with other pilot group admins? These are just a few of the many ideas our hearts pondered during our time together.

It is our hope to reach beyond the boundaries of our area and touch the lives of pilots and wives across the country and around the world. What if one small dream, one  little step, one tiny yes could lead to a revolution in the pilot wife life for one, ten, a hundred, a million women and their pilots?

Then it’s worth it because you matter to us.

There’s truly no way to know where this leads, but Kathyrn and I have committed to strapping on our seat belts, grabbing hold of the yoke, and riding this jet stream as far as it will take us.

We’re very excited to see what the future holds and even more excited to have you, the amazing pilot wife community, along for this leg of the journey.

Tailwinds, friends.

~A Fellow Pilot Wife

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