Recognize TPWL Followers Everywhere You Go!

I have frequently been asked by you, my faithful followers, for a way to recognize fellow The Pilot Wife Life community members while traveling and when attending aviation events. I heard your requests and after much thought, some fun planning, and a great partnership, I am now offering a fun solution!

I am excited to introduce the official TPWL logo F.L.Y. luggage tags!


These beautiful pieces are equal parts art…and utility. They are handcrafted in Phoenix, Arizona from aircraft-grade aluminum by our friend and fellow aviation family member (pilot), Lance Lockhart of Wyldebyrd Art. After having personally experienced some of Lance’s other work for myself and being ‘wyldely’ impressed by his heart for the aviation community as well as the artistry, durability, and functionality of his items, I knew that I had to partner with him! And so here we are.

Each of these tags are 2 x 3 inches and include a split key ring as well as an aviation inspired, heavy-duty wire key ring with screw clasp (they aren’t coming off by accident, folks!). There is also a convenient place on the back for your personal information.

According to WyldeByrd’s Etsy store, each piece is CNC water jet cut, tumbled in media to smooth the edges, painted on one side, cured, and then precision laser cut with the TPWL logo and F.L.Y. design. I have NO idea what all that means…but it sound pretty darn impressive, anyway! So there you go.

I will also be including one of my business cards with each tag. Please keep it with you and hand it to someone in the aviation community when they inquire about your nifty luggage tag (and they will)! It will help us bring even more lonely people into our encouraging and supportive community to love and mentor. I can’t tell you how much I love that!

Cool, right? Right!

I specifically chose the design for a couple of [great] reasons. 1) My personal logo will help you recognize other members of the TPWL community when you are out and about, which is what you asked for! Plus it’s just a really cool logo. At least, I think so. 2) My F.L.Y. phrase will remind you to First Love Yourself every time you glance at it! Helping you F.L.Y. is one of my biggest passions. 3) No direct mention of Pilot Wife is made, as many of us do not want random strangers knowing that we are married to the/a pilot. 4) The design will also be viable for those of our community who travel but are not spouses of pilots (including our flight attendants and business travelers!). I didn’t want anyone to be left out!


These awesome luggage tags can be used in many different capacities. You can use it as…a luggage tag (I mean, I know, right!?), a purse tag/decoration, a handy-dandy key chain, a tag for your children when traveling so they have your info attached directly to their little persons, a carry-on luggage tag, a really large and very pretentious necklace (hey, whatever), a unique Christmas tree ornament (I’m out of control here!), or some even bigger and more pretentious earrings (seriously, don’t actually do that…unless you reeeeeeally want to. I won’t judge).

kiera earreings

They will, however, make fantastic stocking stuffers or little ‘I love you’ gifts for all of the beautiful aviation women in your life!

I have four colors available: Pink, black, dark blue, or teal (my personal favorite!). The price point is $12.00 plus shipping. I currently have shipping methods set for US and Canada, if you live outside those regions, just message me and I’ll work it out!

I wasn’t completely sure if this idea would fly (I hope so!) or plummet to the earth like a rock, so this is my first run of tags and there are only 10 of each color available, so don’t wait. Or do, your choice. If we sell them all, I bet we could convince ol’ Lance to make us some more, eh? However, I can’t guarantee they’ll make it to my door in time for the holidays. Pilot schedules and all. I do have a back order option available for now, but we’ll play that by ear as we go.


As always, the profits for these little gems go right back into supporting and growing this community. It’s pretty much a win-win situation!

I hope you enjoy this really awesome item. I put a lot of thought into it and am really excited to finally be sharing them with you! And I can’t wait to see pictures of you traveling and living life with your TPWL tags! So snap those pictures and ‘tag’ me in them – pun SO intended!

Now you will be able to proudly share about what we are doing here at TPWL everywhere you go…and recognize fellow TPWL community members along the way! I’m kind of hoping to hear some cool stories about some incidental encounters. How totally FLY would that be!?

love you, aviation family!

Angelia (a Pilot Wife who, by the way, is keeping one of the teal tags…so there’s only nine of those left.)


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1 thought on “Recognize TPWL Followers Everywhere You Go!”

  1. thepilotwifelife

    Angelia here. Woah, family! These are ‘flying’ off the shelf! We only have only 1 pink and 4 dark blue left in stock. The good news is that you CAN back order them and I will ship as soon as I have more. I have already been in contact with WyldeByrd Art, and the process has already been initiated. Remember they are handcrafted around his flight schedule, so be patient with us! Thank you for your enthusiasm and for loving me so well. If you are wanting an out of stock item, I suggest going ahead and placing a back order as those will be filled first with the arriving stock. It will also help me judge demand better Love you, family!! How fun!!! 😍

    Also, would anyone be interested in red or yellow tags? Those are color options I could request as well. Thanks!

    ~Angelia #thepilotwifelife

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