Pandemic Impacts Thousands in Aviation: The Numbers and Some Resources

I’ve been a little hesitant to post these numbers because I feel like the mission of this site is to seek hope and veer away from the negative. At the same time, it’s really important that everyone inside and outside the industry understand the gravity of what we are facing and how incredibly important it is to encourage and love one another in these times of uncertainty, as well as do everything in our power to return to some semblance of normalcy (though we do realize at this point that this wound is deep and will be slow to heal).

And this data does not even represent a fraction of the real impact, it’s just what is immediately available to us.

Not represented are the thousands of aviation individuals around the globe who have lost their livelihoods because of this pandemic. Not represented are the thousands who have taken early retirement to help out their brethren. Not represented are the thousands who have taken unpaid leave to ease the pain on their fellow aviation families. Not represented are the thousands who were up and coming in the aviation world who now see no possibility for job opportunities for their near futures. Not represented are hundreds of smaller aviation businesses who have ceased to exist because of this pandemic. Not represented are those airlines who have not yet reported their intentions. Not represented are the full number of flight attendants, airplane mechanics, ground crew, gate agents, aviation factory workers, support crew (and on and on) negatively affected by this pandemic.

The ripples are actually pretty inconceivable.

I know it all feels overwhelming. What can we do to help? To stop it? It’s a hard question. So I ask that you would take a moment to pray for the PEOPLE – the real, flesh and blood brothers and sisters of aviation – that are struggling under the burden. Use these ‘numbers’ to guide your prayers. Reach out to the men and women you know in aviation and love on them – they are not okay. Do everything in your power to stop the spread of Covid so that we can began the long process of economic recovery. Look for opportunities to help others in unconventional ways, whether by dropping off groceries to an aviation family that is struggling, sending unexpected encouragement to someone in the industry, or participating in the P4P (Pilots4Pilots) program that assists furloughed families. Consider your postings, conversations, comments, and interactions across the board. Let us display kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness in all aspects of our communications, understanding that people are sensitive, frustrated, and hurting. Offer grace before judgement and gentleness over harshness. 

Family, I love you. You are not a number or a statistic to me. You are cherished, beloved individuals for whom I continue to fervently pray. I see you. You are not alone. We are better together. 


American: 2500 pilots, 9950 FAs, possilbe 25,000 total employees 
United 3900 pilots, 15,000 FAs, as many as 36,000 total employees
Delta 2500 pilots
Piedmont: 130 pilots
Allegiant 275 pilots
Spirit ~630 pilots, 20-30% of all workforce
Frontier 559 pilots, 925 FAs, 
Republic Airways 933 pilots 400 downgrades closing IAH and MCI crew bases
PSA 730 pilots, 400 FAs, closing TYS and ORF
Hawaiian ~175 pilots, 15-20% of all workforce 
Envoy 350 pilots
GoJet 200 pilots, 30-50% of all workforce 
Republic Airways 933 pilots, closing IAH and MCI crew bases


Emirates: @9000 jobs
Quatar: @9000 jobs 
WestJet: @3000 jobs
Air Cananda: 600 pilots, @20000 total jobs
AeroMexico: Filed for Bankruptcy
Avlanca: Filed for Bankruptcy 
LATAM: Filed for Bankruptcy 
Air France: @6500 jobs 
Virgin Atlantic: @3500n jobs
Scandinavian Airline (SAS): @5000 jobs
Norwegian: @7300 jobs 
British Airways: @270 pilots, 12,000 employees
Flybe: Filed for Bankruptcy 03-05-2020
Virgin Australia: Filed for Bankruptcy on 04-21-2020
South African Airways: Possible closure 


ExpressJet: Closing doors: 1305 pilots, 3000+ total employees affected 
Trans States Airlines ceased operations permanently April 1st 2020
Compass Airlines ceased operations permanently April 5th 2020
Ravn Alaska Filed for bankruptcy and laid off all employees April 5th 2020
Miami Air International: Ceased operation May 2020
Air Deccan: Ceased operation in April 2020 (India regional)
SunExpress Deutschland: Liquidating 
Level Europe: Plans for solvency 



I ask you to remember these numbers when you post in this community as well as elsewhere in the social media world. I ask you to remember these numbers when you have a conversation with someone in the aviation industry. Remember that there is a huge amount of frustration, fear, and sadness woven up in these numbers. People are sensitive and angry and scared. For good reason. Reach beyond the ‘number’ and marinate on the fact that these are not statistics…they thousands upon thousands of FAMILIES – families with hopes, families with dreams, families with responsibilities and obligations – who are being crushed under the weight of these ‘numbers’. And then let’s continue to do anything and everything we can to stop this avalanche and lift one another up. 

**All numbers are as reported through media and may have discrepancies. I understand they are incomplete and that they are changing almost faster than they can be recorded or reported currently. They can/will be updated as information received. Likewise, any further resources for furloughed flight crew would be well received and added to the above list. 

I love you, Aviation Family,

Angelia (a fellow Pilot Wife) 

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