Own the Day

It happens to the best of us.

You wake up, scoot over to get one last morning cuddle before you start your day, and are met by the icy coldness of an empty bed. That’s when you remember:

He’s gone.

You roll over with an audible groan and pull the sheet up over your head, wondering for an unreasonable moment if you can get away with spending the entire day in bed feeling sorry for yourself.

The last thing you feel like doing is, well, anything. You just feel…blah.

And then the sound of the kids arguing, the dog whining, or the alarm clock buzzing unceremoniously reminds you that you don’t actually have that luxery.

Life is calling.

It’s hard to explain the emotional roller coaster that the constant comings and goings of this lifestyle elicit. Excitement, sadness, joy, depression, eagerness, dread, loneliness, resignation.

And you know what? It’s okay to feel those things.

We all feel them in different and varying degrees depending upon our experiences, personalities, and circumstances. That is equally okay! One person’s experiences do not devalue those of another.

Look, family. Learning to FLY doesn’t mean denying yourself feelings, but rather acknowledging them and embracing them but at the same time refusing to let them own you.

How? By telling yourself you’re doing okay anyway despite how you are feeling. By choosing to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And by choosing to seek joy in each and every day even when–especially when–you don’t feel like it.

Those days when you feel like you don’t want to do anything are the days when you most need to make yourself do something. Those feelings are a stark reminder to put on your oxygen mask and breathe. 

So embrace your feelings then drag your blah tush out of bed anyway and do something amazing for yourself. Go to a local festival. Dial up a girlfriend and meet for coffee. Hit a thrift or antique store. Have lunch at your favorite restaurant. Go see a movie and allow yourself a little extra butter on that popcorn. Pour yourself an extra large glass of wine.

Because you are worth it.

Instead of wasting a day cloaking yourself in misery and wallowing in self pity, you will end up having a spectacularly amazing day full of cotton candy, laughter, good friends, and beautiful new memories.

Of course, you will still miss him. You should! Be grateful that you are married to a man worth missing. But think how many incredible opportunities we throw away by allowing the day to own us instead of owning the day!

Some things in life are fixed and unchangable. There are only 24 hours in the day. We only get to live today once. We are only allotted a finite number of todays in our lives.

How we spend those days? Well, that’s up to us!

Seek joy, friends. When you feel like it the least, fight for it the most. You deserve it; your family deserves it.

Don’t let the day own you and steal all the potential memories–

OWN THE DAY and find out just how much that it has to offer!

You’ll be glad that you did. I promise.

I love you, family!


~Angelia (a fellow pilot wife)



6 thoughts on “Own the Day”

  1. Angela…
    I have been playing this pilot wife game for a lot years now. I try to find joy in each day. I know by focusing on this over time I’ve become a well rounded, strong and happy woman! I love your thoughts, so uplifting and validating. Thank you!

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