His Compass

Every day the little plane flies swift across my screen,
a tiny version of you marked upon the map in green.
I watch it as it tells me where you’re headed; where you’ve been.
My prayers I send to godspeed you and bring you back to me again.

Another life I would not choose if I had to choose it without you,
So I keep my eyes turned heavenly toward the endless skies of blue.
Alone you never are, my love, though we too often are apart.
Though we can’t be face-to-face tonight, we’re always heart-to-heart.

I wonder if you think of me with your head up in the clouds?
My heart and soul are in the sky, though my feet are planted on the ground.
The engine is the airplane’s heart, the pilot is its soul;
But the pilot’s wife is the steady compass that guides him safely home.

~Angelia J. Griffin
The Pilot Wife Life


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