Duckcouragement: Don’t Be a Soggy Rooster (and Happy Duck Year)

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Hello everyone! My name is Graham…Graham Quacker, that is. Long time no quack, huh?! My mom said lots of peeples have been asking about me lately, so she waddled on out to my yard and captured some brand new photos of me. Of course, she can’t resist my cuteness and took far (far, far, far) too many, and now she’s wondering exactly how many duck pictures she can actually share on here before people get tired of them…not that I can actually imagine that happening. I mean…just LOOK at me.

Most of you know who I am by now, but my story is HERE on mom’s blog if you don’t and would like to. Basically, I am a black-bellied whistling duck who fell from my nest in a tall pine and was rescued from a busy city street as a tiny hatchling this past summer. I was then brought to my new duck mom scared, dehydrated, and in dire condition (though very vocal and tenacious). She wasn’t sure I’d even make it, but my mom isn’t one to give up on anyone, as I guess some of you well know!. She knows all about broken Things with Wings, and she carefully nursed me back to health and happiness after what I like to call The Fall (and I don’t mean the season). I was the tiniest, saddest, most delicate little thing you ever saw when I first found my way into her heart and home. And would ya just look at me now! Boy am I a beaut (or at least that’s what my mom says).

For those of you who have been wondering, I’m alive, healthy, and completely well. Even my funky little water drunken limp has finally worked itself out with some exercise and extra sweet potatoes. I’ve come a long way for a little duck who was never even supposed to live! Nowadays I spend my time happily splashing and splishing around in my little personal pond (yes, even when it’s 24 degrees outside much to my mom’s angst!), hanging out with my crew mates, the Fluffy Heads, and loudly voicing my opinions for anyone and everyone within two miles to hear. And that’s no joke! There’s one thing that still hasn’t changed about me, and that’s my propensity for vocalization. I think I get that from my duck mom though, or at least that’s what her two-legged ‘Drake’ always says. Shhhhhhh! He has wings too, but they are not quite as cool as mine. I mean, I am one of a kind, after all. 

Me and my crew mates, the Fluffy Heads. We live on the Island of Misfit Birds.

Let me tell you, this past year has been a real gobbler, hasn’t it? First there was The Fall. So many of you experienced The Fall too. Everywhere I turned it felt like there were foxes and hawkses just waiting for an opportunity to have me over for dinner…and I don’t mean as an honored guest either! And then there was the time the chickens who were supposed to be my friends tried to destroy me. I’m not kidding! It was terrifying (but that’s another story for another day).

My point is… this year I have fallen from my place of safety and comfort, lost everything I knew, been abandoned and alone, was betrayed by peeps I trusted, have been hurt and scared, and even lost some peeple I cared about. Add in all the political unrest due to the Donald Duck and Joe Birden elections, some weird pandemic thing (come one people, it’s not like it’s the bird flu!), and anyone and everyone flapping their bills without reserve about their personal duckpinions, and it’s been…well, a year for the rats! Which is weird because on the Chinese calendar it was the year of the Rat. Now a year of the Duck? There’s a spirit animal I could really get behind!

I know that many of my fellow flocks out there (that’s you!) have dealt with the same kinds of stresses, fears, and frustrations too. Let’s face it, it would be pretty easy to get our webbed toes all wrapped up in all the dirty, tangled fishing line of negativity that has polluted our personal ponds over the past year. Hook, line, and sinker. I’m not going to lie, there have been times when I just want to screech out, “Quack you, 2020!” And that’s totally real and okay to feel that way! Own it, get it out of your system…then let it go. 

Here’s why.

There’s nothing more pathetic (or grumpy) than a soggy rooster.

I want to live, not merely exist. And I think you do too. Right now, even as I whistle this story and my mom translates it for you, the rain is coming down in thick sheets. The lightening is flashing, my pen is very much a mucky flooded mess, and the storms just keeps on rolling in (not unlike 2020, right?!). The chickens are looking forlorn and drenched as they hide under trees and bushes, the two-legs have disappeared into that weird box thing, and even my buddy and protector, Prince Caspian the livestock guardian, is curled up in a tight ball under the awning with droopy tail and ears. And the roosters are soggy. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing more ill-tempered, pathetic, grumpy, and downright mean than a soggy rooster.

Pooooooooor wet doggy.

But guess what me and my five other ducky pals are doing? Flapping, splashing, splishing, sploshing, and zooming gleefully through every single puddle in the yard while having the time of our lives! That’s what. Here’s the thing: We are in the middle of the exact same storm as everyone else on the farm, we just choose to look at it from a completely different perspective…a ducky one!

You know what? BE DUCKY!

This beyond all others is the reason why my duck mom finds us so endearing (I mean, outside my irresistible cuteness, of course). When the storms of life move in and everyone else gets down, depressed, and hopeless…we are complete and utter joy! When everyone else is running full speed for shelter, we are waddling towards the storm with wings spread wide! Because we know what most people have forgotten…life is always worth living and you can even find puddles of unexpected blessings and splashes of great happiness even in the worst storm. Some people let the storms define them, but we ducks define the storms! How beautiful is that?!

Pouring rain? No problem! Let’s go have some fun.

So here’s my duckcouragement for you in the New Year… Live your life like a flappy happy duck and not a soggy ol’ rooster!

Look, I know that 2020 was really quacked up for a lot of you. Me too! I know that for many of you the storm is still raging ever onward. I’m in no way pretending it didn’t or isn’t. There’s no easy peasy little plug to pull that will drain all the unhappy, murky water of the past overnight. Life simply doesn’t work that way. Like you, I felt the full pain of The Fall…but I got back up and chose to live despite my circumstances. I’m still an abandoned, orphaned duckling…but one that’s been rescued and has found the deeper love of my rescuer. I’ve still felt the terrible, terrible sting of betrayal…but I’ve learned who my real peeps are and that’s a real gift. It’s still storming outside…but I’m choosing to dance in the puddles rather than quiver in the shadows.

And I hope you will too! Because really, we all have to choose for ourselves whether to flounder or F.L.Y.

I love you, my beautiful Things with Wings. I hope you will take the opportunity of a New Year to reorient yourself, to find new ways to F.L.Y. no matter how big the hailstones the world throws at you, and to embrace and own the truth that you are beautiful, alive, precious, and loved.

I hope you choose to splish and splash!

Graham Quacker

P.S. If you are the [amazing, incredible, perfect, special, brilliant] kind of person who wants to see endless pictures of Quackers, Peeps, and, random Veggies you can follow along my duckventures a little more closely on my Instagram (dew_drop_farm) or Facebook (Chicken Momma) pages.

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