Pilot Wife, First Responder, Hero

It’s usually those who don’t think they are heroes who are.

What does a hero look like? They come in all shapes, colors, sizes, genders, beliefs, and nationalities. They are the ones who open their doors to evacuees; the ones who drive for hours with boats to come to the rescue of strangers, the ones who donate what they can, and especially the ones who out on a first responder uniform and head into dangerous floodwaters to risk their lives because they can’t imagine any other way.

What does a hero look like? This is what a hero looks like!

Everyone, I want to introduce you to Amanda, a dear friend and a fellow pilot wife. She is also a first responder and has been tirelessly endangering her life to rescue people from the Houston floods for days.

Her shifts are 36 hours long, back to back, with only a couple hours of sleep between.

She’s exhausted, wet, cold, emotionally and physically spent…and still pressing on and still smiling. Because people matter more than anything else. As long as there’s a need, she vows to continue doing everything she can to meet it.

When I told her she was a hero, she denied it. Of course she did, because that’s the stuff heroes are made of.

Amanda, you and all of our first responders here and around the country and world make us very, very proud. We love you.

And all of our local and worldwide heroes reaching out to love, encourage, donate to, open your homes for those shaken to the core by Hurricane Harvey, thank you. 

I have seen Harvey wash away hatred and bring people together in a beautiful display of humanity. It is breathtaking. 

So Amanda, and all of our other heroes, thank you, my brothers and sisters, from the bottom of my aviation heart.

~Angelia (a grateful Houstonian and pilot wife)



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