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It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the half decade mark for The Pilot Wife Life community.

A lot of amazing things have happened here during those five years – marriages have been saved, a pandemic has been weathered, friendships have been made, prayers have been answered, needs have been met, and the community has continued to grow and thrive – all within the parameters of focusing on the positive and rejecting the typical social media negativity trap. I was told it couldn’t be done and even if I managed to get it going it certainly wouldn’t last. But they were wrong. The world is hungry for the positive environment that we offer, and here we are half a decade strong and counting! It’s truly a beautiful thing.

As you know, I use many mediums to bring this community together including my blog, an app, books, and a wide variety of social media forums. I made the choices I did with great and prayerful consideration because I felt like it was very important to use author driven content to reach and connect with as many aviation community members as possible, to encourage us to only speak those things we would say in front of our spouses, to make content widely available to all, as well as a plethora of other important reasons. But I’ve also known for a long time deep down in the recesses of my heart that something was missing.

For four years I have pondered, researched, worked, pondered some more, and reworked to bring a viable solution to that missing something. I’m both excited and absolutely terrified to announce today that it’s time to share the culmination of those endless hours of dedication with you.

Welcome to The Flight Deck, my friends!

The Flight Deck is a brand new way for The Pilot Wife Life crew to do community! I first want to be clear that all of my other social media platforms are vitally important outreaches to the aviation world and will continue to function in the same capacity as they currently do. In contrast, The Flight Deck will be a beautiful extension of the work I already do, offering up a brand new way for my followers to connect in a safer and more intimate setting.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty details here because I’ve already written it all out for you on the Join the Flight Deck page, which will be linked at the bottom of this blog. However, I want to touch on a couple of the more important details here!

I have built this community application on my own website from the ground up all by my little self (with more than a little emotional support from Fluffy the Crocodile and Graham Quacker the duck). It’s been intermittently frustrating, exciting, frustrating, exciting, frustrating and exciting. I am not a tech person (boy am I not)…just a Pilot Wife that loves you fiercely and wants to serve you well with all that I am. That means I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way…and will undoubtedly make some more as we move forward! But I’ve learned an immense amount too! I guess you actually can teach an old dog new tricks! Who knew?

All that to say, be patient with me, my beautiful friends. This is and will always be an ongoing project – a beautiful work in progress! The Flight Deck seems to be working nicely as of now after a great deal of testing. However, I am sure we will experience some bumps every now and then as I learn and expand. Just know that I am fully dedicated to you and to this project and vie to continually work to improve it!

For now, after having in depth conversations with many trusted members of TPWL community, I will launch this private community as a women-only meeting place. This may change later if the distinct need and ability to expand becomes apparent in the future, but my specific calling has always been to mentor aviation women/wives and love them well, therefore affecting their spouses, families, and the aviation world as a whole through the ripple effect of my work. Instead of an author driven, public forum, The Flight Deck will be a safe and private place for aviation ladies to come together and love their spouses out loud, encourage one another, and live their best aviation life! Don’t worry, friends! My other social media forums remain open to everyone.

After much prayerful consideration, I will not limit The Flight Deck to aviation women only because there are simply too many other traveling spouses who have greatly benefitted from what I do here. The community will, however, be a member-only community run through my own personal platform which focuses heavily on aviation topics and stories. Each member will be asked to sign a privacy form as well as fill out a questionnaire expressing their relationship to aviation (if any) and their reasons for joining. This will help me get to know each of you as well as hopefully filter in/out appropriate members.

The community will have a specific purpose. It is for women who want to seek a positive place to live aviation life together. The 3-tiered mission remains the same as my other platforms and will be run with the same umbrella rules of kindness and positivity. The privacy features are to protect our ladies as they discuss more intimate aspects of life, not as an invitation to introduce negativity. This is so important. Please note, this is not and will never be a place to bash spouses, demean one another, spread hatred, talk ill of specific airlines, air political opinions, etc. We will maintain a scroll-don’t-troll community that seeks to err on the side of love with all commentary and postings on all of my forums! Failure to adhere to these rules will result in…well, I don’t need to go there because you guys are already amazing!

Membership to The Flight Deck, itself, will be a very small annual fee. This has been instituted for several important reasons. One is to discourage trollers and stalkers and to help me deepen the community safety. Trollers want to troll for free. I believe that only those who are truly looking for the type of loving, supportive community I am offering will sign up if they have to pay. It will also keep us all honest. We tend to appreciate and respect those things into which we are truly invested. Another important reason for the fee is to help offset the extensive costs of the software (etc.) that it takes to run this community. Don’t worry, though! It really is a very small fee because I also wanted to ensure that all of my ladies could afford to be a part of this beautiful community if they needed/wanted to, no matter their financial status (I remember those lean years of flight school and first year pay!).

The Pilot Wife Life app will be a great asset, as it will give you desktop access to The Flight Deck Community! Be sure to download it now so that you can instantly access our new community and other resources from any device, right at your fingertips! The app will remain absolutely FREE to you! Remember, the app also has many other useful features, even for those TPWL who are not part of The Flight Deck!

The Flight Deck is an interactive community platform run through my own website. I have long feared the possibility of the social media powers that be deciding to sell out, close their doors, or decide that our community is not fitting for their platforms, effectively leaving thousands of women that I have been mentoring left without the support and love of the community I have built. The Flight Deck will ensure that we always have a place to find and love on one another!

It will offer safety in conversation that the public forums have thus far prevented, give a place for those who are not on social media to meet up for support, and hopefully allow women who have been previously uncomfortable with the public forum interactions to be a deeper, integral part of this beautiful community we have built. We are better together! It will not be run as a free-for-all gripe fest, but rather from the perspective of positivity with the desire to teach our members to F.L.Y. and to fight for their marriages.

It will be user driven and includes customizable profile pages, chat capabilities, ‘friending’, sharing of all sorts of [appropriate] media, ‘likes’, and many more features. Members will also receive merchandise discounts, free giveaways, blog previews, first dibs on merchandise, eventual group capabilities (book clubs, empty nesters, and so on), possible general as well as special interest zoom gatherings lead by both myself and other Pilot Wives in the community, resources, instant access to me, possible outside merchant discounts, and more. The sky’s the limit and we continue to grow and mold this community to serve YOU the best I know how.

I am incredibly excited about this brand new offering. It has been a learning experience like no other (fueled by a lot of YouTube videos and tears!) for me to bring this incredible opportunity to you. I have prayed fiercely over it and you and am ecstatic to finally introduce a community like no other to you today after years of work! So without further ado…


To read about the community in more detail and join, click the link below and let’s F.L.Y. together!

Angelia (your very excited and equally terrified The Flight Deck creator!)


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