Okay, family. We are going to try a thing.
There are many families going through really difficult times currently due to furloughs and closures. Sometimes we want to show them we are for them, but we feel really helpless when compared to the vastness of the issue. I am calling this trial GIFTA SISTA. Many of our PW Sisters cannot afford to buy even a shirt right now with the current situation, but would be lifted up by this Better Together, Aviation Strong design. So I wanted to offer a way for our community who has been lesser affected (at least financially) to love on those who have been deeply affected, as well as display our unity as an aviation community as a whole.
THIS IS A GIFT SHIRT. Every GIFTA SISTA shirt purchased will be donated to a Sista who has been directly affected by the furloughs and job losses due to Covid. I will allow her to choose the size so that it best fits her needs, whether she wants to wear it herself or give it to her pilot to wear. The price includes the shirt at $21.99 and $4 shipping.
I will keep count of the GIFTA SISTA shirts purchased and then on Friday share with you the total number of ladies that will be blessed and determine the best way to distribute them. This is just a week-long trial for now. I am just going to see if there is any interest in loving on one another this particular way and then reassess.