Welcome Aboard: Beauty From Ashes

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Here’s something I never, ever, ever (times infinity) imagined myself saying: To all the brand new members of our #thepilotwifelife aviation family, numbers 601 through 11,145, welcome aboard!  Just…wow.  I am so glad you are here! To say that I am humbled beyond measure would

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The A.R.T. of Love

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Love. You can’t see it, touch it, hear it, taste it. It’s elusive and invisible. It comes out of nowhere and dissipates like mist in the wind, leaving us reeling in its wake. It is nowhere to be seen, yet it is everywhere to

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Oxygen Mask

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I’m probably the only idiot in the world that actually pays attention. Like clockwork, a flight attendant dutifully stands up front with an emotionless countenance belied by the utter boredom in his/her eyes and trudges through the required safety demonstration with practiced if not

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Until Death Do Us Part

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Time is to marriage as running water is to a mountain.

It doesn’t stop for anyone or anything and can slowly but surely, almost imperceptibly, chisel away at the tiniest cracks in the foundation until they widen and become insurmountable chasms. Over time, it can destroy the tallest mountain, create gaping canyons, and alter the landscape until it is virtually unrecognizable.

Flying VFR in IFR Conditions

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I’m always buying random books on marriage when I run across them. I do this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am always looking for motivational encouragement for you in your walks through aviation marriage. Secondly, I eventually plan to have a resource

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