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As many of you know, I released the brand new The Pilot Wife Life app on March 1, 2019. Thank you for making the release such a great success! We already have close to 1000 downloads and steadily growing! I wanted to take a moment to answer some of the questions that I have been asked by my followers regarding the direction of this community with the release of the app.

Thank you for making The Pilot Wife Life app release such a great success! We already have close to 1000 downloads and steadily growing! Click To Tweet

Are you going to be discontinuing your Facebook page? No! I know many of you enjoy that forum, and it is still a great way to interact, share, and gain new members of our family. The FB page has different functions than the app as well as different content, and both will continue to be maintained with the same positivity and regularity as you have come to expect, as both are applicable to my followers. This is also true of my other social media feeds, all of which can be accessed more readily through the ‘Crew Room’.

I am already a Facebook follower. Do I really need to download the app? Yes! Facebook decides which posts you ‘want’ or ‘need’ to see based on their algorithms. The only way to previously ensure that you were getting to see all of the FB posts and content was to scroll or search through your social media content for TPWL page and go over there. I have had numerous complaints that my followers were missing encouragement and engagements due to these frustrating algorithms. I believe you should decide what you want to see! The app offers a community quick connect under ‘Crew Room’ that will bring you directly to Facebook and other social media feed content without scrolling and searching, where you can immediately enjoy the content there. There is also content that is unique to the app including discounts, resources, video, and news bytes that you won’t want to miss.

I’m already a follower of the blog. Do I need to download the app? Yes! The app will give you quick access to all of the content you love so much without searching for it through the web. It is a streamlined tool to help you make the most of your time, and as above some content is strictly fed through the app. It will also save you time, as you can go directly to the website without searching through the internet or trying to remember the correct URL address.

I didn’t get the push notification that you sent out via the app? Did you know that TPWL app (i.e. ME!) sends out regular encouragement through push notifications? If you haven’t been getting them, it’s because you still need to set up your TPWL inbox. To proceed, open the app. Go to the top left hand corner with the ‘hamburger’ menu. Click on ‘inbox’. You will be taken to screen that says ‘edit settings’. Click. Now choose the notification type that works best for you. I find a persistent banner with a sound notification works best for me and helps me not to miss the TPWL notifications. Once you are set up, clicking on the notification as it appears will take you directly to the app and your pending message. Not sure if you have missed something? No problem! You can also go into the ‘hamburger menu’ located at the top left of your app screen and click on inbox to check for new or missed messages. In addition, I spoke to the app developer team today and asked them to consider adding a desktop icon notification or menu notification number in the near future to further keep you in the loop. I’ll let you know when that feature becomes available.

I’m not seeing that major media story about the belligerent passenger who was ejected on the ‘News on the F.L.Y.’ section of your app? And you most likely won’t. Here’s the concept of News on the F.L.Y. There is more than enough negative stereotypical news about the airlines on the internet. You can find it easily and in surplus if you wish to pursue it. My goal is to find some of the more heartwarming and positive stories that the media likes to downplay or pass over and make them more mainstream. Yes, bad stuff happens. No, we don’t always have to dwell on it as a community. However, if something of importance that affects the well-being of our family occurs that is of interest or bears sharing, I will carefully consider displaying those links as well. For the most part though, you are going to find some fresh positive news that gets buried in the general media under this segment.

The app is pretty simple and direct. Is that it? Yes and no. I am striving to keep the app simple for the purpose of connecting you the stuff you need/want to see in an efficient manner. I don’t want you sorting through piles of clutter to get to what you want to find. However, there are going to be more content sections added under the main tabs. Some of those will include outside blogs that I find relative to ours mission/lives, lots more resources under the QRH, etc. If there is something that you long to see, just drop me a contact form and let me know. Remember this is only the first of two big projects that I am working on. Some of your requests are being considered and molded for part 2 of my project. Also of note is a new and upcoming feature (my next big project) that I am working on. Be patient with me, as I do all the work myself!

Will you be adding links to FB groups? This is a very hard one for me for many reasons. For a while, I did have an exterior link to all of the different FB groups available for your perusal. However, as I am not a member of most of them and have no control over any of them, I could not guarantee content. I had a lot of negative feedback on some of the groups. I do not want to be responsible for sending you to groups where you are not encouraged or supported in a positive manner, as it reflects back on me even though I have no control. I also don’t like sending you somewhere where you are inadvertently discouraged in your aviation journey. It hurts my heart. The other other major factor that has to be considered is that many groups come and go very rapidly. It is hard for me to maintain an updated list of active groups and still write for you and keep the app freshly maintained for you in a way that I feel is adequate. I may consider listing some special interest groups as I move forward with some stipulations, but probably not a comprehensive and complete listing.

I found a flaw/error, etc? I want to reiterate that this is not an app created by a large company or some machine that turns out content like a factory. I am doing this all by myself for the sake of a community that I love with my whole heart. The purpose of this app is to help this community draw closer together, help you have easier access to the content you love, and give those who are not in favor of social media type forums a way to connect and enjoy blogs, encouragement, community, and resources, etc. I am far from perfect. I have never claimed to be and never will. I am just one of you trying to make our corner of the world a little bit better. If you find something that makes you go ‘hmmmm….”, just contact me and let me know and I will fix or consider the content in question. If you think of something that might make it a little better, share that too! News stories that would be great for News on the F.L.Y.? Contact, contact, contact!!

Will you be adding other admins to your work? I haven’t decided yet. I am currently still handling the flow fairly well. However, as we grow and the demand for my attentions increase, I will likely have to consider adding admins with specific oversight to my site. If this occurs, you can stand assured that they will be women in whom I have the highest confidence and who understand this life. I will always be completely transparent with you about any additions I make to The Pilot Wife Life team.

Tell me about F.L.Y. Gear? F.L.Y. Gear is all designed by me and is all copyrighted. The sales of these products go directly to supporting the continued management and growth of this site. As I was previously paying for all of the software, attorney fees, etc. out of (his) pocket, this helps to offset that burden just a little. When you purchase F.L.Y. Gear, you can be proud that you are supporting this community in a big way. In fact, you helped launch the new app! The Pilot Wife Life is trademarked. Outside of a couple of shirts on Amazon, my items are not for sale anywhere else. If you see my designs elsewhere, they are likely design knockoffs and their purchase is lining the pockets of a content thief. Please let me know if you see my items outside my site/app so I can take appropriate action. Also of note, I can create custom designs for your special events and gatherings. Let me know if you are interested with the contact form. Again, those sales go to support the work at this site, so it’s a win-win!

How can I contact you? I believe deeply in one-on-one relationships with you. That is why, despite my workload, I continue to answer each communication personally. To make sure you have access to me, I have endeavored to have several ways that you can get in contact with me. The contact form on the app or website are excellent ways. You can also contact me through the private message function on any of my social media pages (Facebook is the most efficient at this) or email me directly at angelia@thepilotwifelife.com. I love hearing from you. Your encouragement keeps me going on the hard days and also helps me know what the community needs as it grows and changes.

How can I download the app? Great question! I’m so glad you asked. Just click on the download button below, find your desired service, and get started enjoying fingertip access to The Pilot Wife Life today!

I love you family! I truly hope you are enjoying the new app. I love and appreciate your feedback and questions, so keep them coming.

Angelia (a Pilot Wife who’s just trying to make our world a little better)


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