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Today I am incredibly excited to announce to you the official release of The Pilot Wife Life app! It is immediately available in all of your favorite App Store (Android, Google, Apple) and is compatible across all of your devices. It is easily recognizable by my icon in bright blue (think the sky!) featuring the FLY girl and plane logo you all have come to love so much!

This is the first of two current projects, and I have been pouring my heart, finances, and soul into this for the past 10 months or so. I think you are going to love it as much as I do! Remember that this is only the first release, and I will be continuously updating and expanding my work based on the needs and growth of the TPWL community. Your input is always considered and appreciated as I wade through this new and exciting venture.

My goal with the app was multifaceted. I wanted to create something simple but beautiful and chic that connected you to everything TPWL and heightened your experience with the community while at the same time helping minimize the time you spend searching for the information you need and the encouragement you love! I am convinced that we have a fantastic start!

Every aspect of the app has been carefully thought out to offer you a fun, useful experience. I enlisted a team of our very own PW sisters in this process and listened to their thoughts, needs, and desires as I worked (stumbled, crawled, and sometimes cried) my way through the development process and feel that I have created something that you will all enjoy! I would like to insert here a special thank you to Andrea, Julie, Jennifer, Rebecca, Ruth, Heather, Tammy, and my beloved husband Kevin for their prayers, support, ideas, and occasional hard kick in the tail as I undertook what I thought was an impossible project! When the notion for this app was conceived in my head, I was completely dumb as to the complex world of app development…and yet here I stand today, the very proud developer of TPWL app! For those of you who think you ‘can’t’ do something…let me tell you that you absolutely can! I am living proof. With a little tenacity and a lot of hard work, you can do anything!

Why TPWL app? Simple! To help you F.L.Y. like never before! You will no longer have to search through endless social media feeds to locate the laughter, encouragement, and community that you adore! The app features a community quick connect to get you there with one touch of your screen! Never again will social media algorithms determine what blogs you ‘want’ to see! You have immediate, real-time access to the newest blogs as well as the most popular reads (you know, the ones you want to share over and over again!) right at your fingertips!

Also included with the app are a list of resources that will be continually growing to meet your needs, access to fun F.L.Y. gear (the profits of which always support this community), fun and informational videos, future event signups, positive and interesting articles from around aviation that normally get buried by the media (a fun segment which I call News on the F.L.Y.), outside blogs I love and think are relevant to you, notifications of updates and weekly encouragements via push notifications, fresh content daily, and much, much more!

Are you excited yet?! Me too!!!

In addition, I will be launching part two of this massive project through the app, so you won’t want to miss it! I’m telling you…it’s going to be absolutely FLYtastic! The sky is the limit with what I am dreaming up to support and encourage your marriage journey here at TPWL! This is another very cool leg on our journey.

As if that’s not enough, there’s more (I know, right?!) The best news of all is that, due to your continued support through the purchase of TPWL F.L.Y gear, I am currently able to offer the app to you for absolutely free! That means there is absolutely no excuse not to download it right now!

As always, everything I do here depends on you for success. I need three really easy things from you in order to make this app everything I think know it can be. You can help me launch this new endeavor by:

  1. Downloading the app for free today. That’s a no-brainer at this point!
  2. Sharing this amazing news with all of your aviation pals. I do everything organically in order to be the best steward of the money I have. In order for me to do that, I rely on your word-of-mouth. Please share this great news with all your aviation friends, pages, and groups to get the word out. We don’t want any PW left out!
  3. Leaving a positive rating and review on the App Store. This helps me promote it to other [aviation] families who are looking for a positive community to call home! The more folks we can love on and encourage, the better!
  4. Using that contact form! When you hear of share-worthy news that is getting passed over in aviation (A crew member did something really kind? Another passenger helped a stressed mom? Cool opportunities for our members? A blog that you felt was relatable to us?) fill out the contact form and let me know! I can’t be everywhere at once, so I rely on you to keep my inbox full of pertinent and fun information to share! If it catches your eye, feel free to share!

Annnnnd that’s it! Family, I am SO excited and honored to be bringing the first ever aviation community – The Pilot Wife Life – app to your devices. I am stoked to help you connect more deeply, feel less alone on this journey, and find positive and uplifting community with those who get it. I am also thrilled for this new opportunity to find and embrace members of our aviation family who have not yet found us and are stumbling through this journey alone.

As we move forward, I assure you that we will continue to maintain the same level of love, one-on-one attention, and focus on positivity as we always have. We will continue to be a scroll don’t troll site that believes in treating others with kindness, respect, and love. We will continue to strive to change the trajectory of aviation marriages around the world through encouragement and support. I will still continue to be open and accessible to my followers because each of you matter to me immensely.

The Pilot Wife Life will still continue to be the same fun, uplifting, and positive environment that you have grown to know and love…but even better! Thank you all for continuing to be on this exciting journey with me. You are the best crew a girl could ask for. While I am honored to be your [mostly] fearless Captain, it is with the support and encouragement of all of you that we continue to be the amazing community that we are…and are about to become!

I love you, family! Now go download the app and let’s F.L.Y.! See you on the app, friends,

Angelia (TPWL founder and app developer)

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  1. So excited ! Congratulations! I just downloaded the new app….thank you!

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