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Prepare to meet your best friends! If you have been dreaming about a positive, encouraging community with which to live the aviation lifestyle together, look no further. Welcome to The Pilot Wife Life’s The Flight Deck!

What is The Flight Deck?

If you are looking for a place to love your spouse out loud, commune with others who understand the intricacies and nuances of this lifestyle, and learn to live your best aviation life in a joyous and fulfilling manner, this is your new home! The Flight Deck is unlike anything you have ever experienced before! It is a one-of-a-kind, positive, encouraging, social community geared specifically toward those living the beautiful chaos we call aviation life! We maintain a 3-tiered mission: 1) Teach our followers to F.L.Y. (first love yourselves), 2) build supportive, positive community to help navigate this unique lifestyle together, and 3) strengthen marriages. Aviation is a unique lifestyle. I want to help you find and connect with others living a similar lifestyle who understand what the nuances and joys of life looks like from the sky view and who will encourage and support you on your own journey (and vice versa). This is not a free-for-all chat room or open group forum, and all content shared by users must be amicable to (i.e., not contradictory with) the above mission. If you are looking for a place to vent and unload in a negative or damaging manner, please look elsewhere. We are a ‘scroll don’t troll’ community. This means that if someone sees something they do not like or even adamantly disagrees with, we simply ask that they choose to err on the side of love and scroll on, keeping commentary helpful and kind! Like my other social media forums, this will be closely monitored and strictly enforced, and bullying, demeaning, belittling, stereotyping, or any other harmful conduct is not permissive or tolerated. I deeply desire to create a beautiful and safe place where we can love one another, our spouses, and our community without fear of the negativity that is so rampant across many other social media forums. We want to love what we live and live what we love!

Why Join The Flight Deck?

I’m glad I asked! Firstly, we are better together! When we work together, we help fulfill needs, save marriages, bring joy to lives, and change the way people see the aviation world! Secondly, while my other social media sites function as a necessary and wonderful ongoing way to connect with our community on a wide scale, they are open public forums and are visible to all social media users. For some time, my followers have been asking for a more intimate way to connect and communicate with one another out of the public eye. In fact, a large portion of my following is silent because they are not comfortable expressing themselves on a public forum. I believe this is the next BIG step on our journey at The Pilot Wife Life. The Flight Deck will be a member’s only community, which will allow for better control over who is able to view any content you might wish to share. I believe this will give my followers a deeper and safer way to connect with others who understand the aviation lifestyle with less fear of trolling. This community will also work in conjunction with The Pilot Wife Life app for instantaneous, desktop access to resources, conversation, and friendships! Thirdly, while my other social media forums have been primarily author driven, this community will be user driven with my oversight, allowing you to participate actively in posting, commenting, and communicating with our aviation family without a middle (wo)man, giving you the immediate access to your fellow aviation friends that you crave! Lastly, social media mediums are notoriously short lived and controlling. I want to have an ongoing community of support established in case other media forums should cease to exist or suddenly uninvite us to participate on their sites, leaving us hanging without a parachute. The Flight Deck will ensure that you always have me and this community available to you when you need us! It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing!

What are the Features of The Flight Deck? 

The primary objective of The Flight Deck is the controlled, positive, supportive community where you will find camaraderie, support, understanding, and compassion with some privacy guards! You can now have community with other aviation friends without having to wade through negative social media sources to get there. Some of the many community features include fully customizable profiles including cover photos and settings, a conversation stream where you can safely interact with other aviation community members in an open and active manner, the ability to choose Flight Deck community members as ‘friends’ in order to keep more closely in contact with those with whom you establish a relationship or commonalities, private chat capability between community members, instant access to Angelia (your’s truly), video and photo sharing, instant community access from the FREE app (download it today!), blogs released to you two to three days before they reach the general public, merchandise discounts, first dibs at new merchandise, free giveaways (they will all be done through this community from here on out and not through other social media mediums), and SO much more! This is all new to me and I have built it from the ground up with zero help, so be patient as we learn and grow together! However, I will be continually working to improve and upgrade the community as we move forward, including the possibility of breakoff groups and perhaps even a positive Pilot’s forum for our Fly Guys sometime in the future if this prototype works well. While these are not promised features, I am also looking at future webinars, private video chat sessions with Angelia, topical chat sessions/guest interviews with other aviation community members, resources available only to you, outside vendor discounts, free checklists and printables, PW led zoom gatherings (general and special interest), and so many more possibilities which I haven’t even imagined yet! I promise, it is going to fun! But remember to be patient as I learn right alongside you because this has been a journey for me too!

Who Can Join The Flight Deck?

I will be restricting the members of The Pilot Wife Life community for the time being to women who are seeking to find positive and supportive community for their marriages. While I am not restricting it to only Pilot Wives, as I find many traveling spouses benefit from what I do here, we will primarily address issues from an aviation standpoint. In order to join The Flight Deck, you will  be required to fill out a quick form that tells me how you are related to aviation (of if you are not) and why you wish to join this community. This serves as a secondary safety buffer for our members as well as a helpful device for me to know you better. Once completed, those who follow the code of conduct and are active paid members of the community will have access to the main community page and can partake in the services provided therein. The main Flight Deck page will be run much like my other popular social media forums with open access to all Flight Deck community members. However, only members can participate, and the feed will not be visible to random strangers and nonmembers. Private/closed, specialized groups may eventually exist within the parameters of The Pilot Wife Life community of which specific requirements will need to be met to participate for the safety of the users there within due to the sensitivity of the content – for example, Pilot Wives with special needs children, empty nesters, book clubs, etc. The same rules and conduct will apply to all groups covered by the umbrella of The Flight Deck at all times and for the time being will all be created by me if I am approached by a member and agree that the group would be beneficial to our site (for instance, a political group would not fit within the parameters of our mission). I will have access to all groups at all and will monitor with the help of awesome moderators to keep the entire community positive and safe for all.

What are the Rules of The Flight Deck?

Please read these carefully, as they will determine if The Flight Deck is a good fit for you. By partaking in The Pilot Wife Life Services and community you are agreeing to these rules and the conducts for violations. This is for the safety and mission maintenance of the community.

*You may not advertise your products or business in any way without express permission from The Pilot Wife Life.
*All content must be amicable to (i.e. not contradictory to) the mission of The Pilot Wife Life, as stated above.
*You may not knowingly share anything that is unlawful, misleading, discriminatory, pornographic, or fraudulent.
*You may not demean, belittle, attack, bully, harass, or troll members of The Pilot Wife Community.
*You may not portray in any negative manner the members of this community, their spouses, The Pilot Wife Life community, or any aviation related company, airline, or business inside of The Pilot Wife Life community. This is a positive community built on supporting one another, not a place to tear others down.
*Information, photos, comments, discussions, and all other content shared by other users is considered private. You may not repeat, share, screenshot, or otherwise display any information shared by users in any form outside of The Pilot Wife Life.
*You may not push political agendas on The Pilot Wife Life.
*You may not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of The Pilot Wife Life or other users.
*You may not copy, redistribute, claim for your own, or plagiarize any content, designs, or other copyrighted content provided by and on The Pilot Wife Life.
*You may not upload viruses or malicious code or do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper function of The Pilot Wife Life.
*You may not access or collect data from The Pilot Wife Life that you do not have permission to access.
*You absolutely MAY share stories and ask questions outside the realm of ‘aviation’ as long as they are not directly adverse or detrimental to the mission here. After all, eating, raising children, shopping, holidays, etc., etc. are all part of life!

Please note that failure to follow these rules of conduct can and will result in immediate termination of membership without refund.

Easy right!? Aren’t we all looking for exactly this kind of positive, safe, loving environment to do life together? If you are as excited about that possibility as I am…then read on! If this is not what you are looking for, that’s okay too! There are lots of other forums out there on other mediums that might be better suited to your needs. We completely understand and appreciate your honesty!

What is the Cost to Join The Flight Deck?

Awww, man! Way to burst my bubble, right? I get it! But good news, family! A recurrent yearly membership in the Flight Deck is currently only $19.99 USD, and The Pilot Wife Life accompanying app will remain absolutely free (no, seriously!)!! Let me tell you my reasons.

Why charge at all? As you know, there are a lot of trolls on the internet. Far, far too many. By charging for the services of this community, I believe that those people who are simply looking to bully and troll will be deterred (why pay when you can do it anywhere else for absolutely free?). It will help us maintain some control over members and make sure that those who join are truly interested in upkeeping and participating in the kind of community we are offering here. We also believe that paying for services will make our users more eager to follow the rules and speak kindly, as they have paid for the privilege to be a part of something, quite frankly, amazing! Secondly, the yearly upkeep of The Pilot Wife Life community is quite expensive. While we have been paying most of it out of our pockets this past five years, the addition of the software for this community is a large added expense. This small yearly membership fee along with merchandise sales will continue to help offset some of the out-of-pocket costs we incur associated with the continuation of the community and help us keep it running. In addition, I also use those fees to occasionally help those in need, support aviation nonprofits or member projects, provide prayer books to those who cannot afford them, and so many other unexpected opportunities for kindness that arise.

Then why not charge more? I know exactly how first year/regional pay can feel, and we don’t want anyone to be excluded either. It was my hope that by setting a reasonable price, we could make sure no person who truly desired this type of community would be left out for financial reasons. I would rather charge half the price and offer my mentorship to twice the followers than charge twice the price and only be able to love on and support half the amount of followers who need this beautiful community! I hope if we have enough community members at this amount that the community costs will be adequately offset while being able to welcome in substantially more members who need this type of loving community. We’re looking for a healthy balance…and we all know how important balance is to aviation, right?!

So there you have it! If a loving, supportive, fun community of Pilot Wives sounds like just the thing you have been looking for, simply click the join now icon below, and let’s get started on this journey together!

~Angelia (A fellow Pilot Wife)