Attention African-American Female Pilots

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Attention African-American Female Pilots:

My friend and fellow Pilot Wife, Shannon M. Morrison holds a masters in Arts, Ohio State University, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Her current thesis called Navigating Secret Societies: Black Women in the Commercial Airline Industry is evolving into a book project. She is specifically addressing the challenges and successes of women of color who are/and are pursuing aviation/aerospace careers.

As taken directly from her thesis which you can read in full HERE:

“A little over 4% of women in the United States hold the certification necessary to fly for a commercial airline like Delta, American, or Southwest. Even fewer of that 4% are women of color. The numbers are consistent across the industry, where the majority of positions are still held by white men. Yet, the industry would have you believe it has made great strides in addressing the lack of diversity and inclusion; they do so each year during Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Pride Month, where airlines publish articles or social media about `their all black/all-female/ all LGBTQ flight crew.’ Despite the importance of representation when it comes to outreach to younger people, it is not enough for aviation organizations to rely on representation as a means for claiming `achievement’ of diverse and inclusive workspaces. I argue that this requires aviation organizations to utilize self-reflexive practices that are not encompassed in representation alone. In order to critically examine why these organizations remain resistant to the inclusion of diverse individuals, this project reflects on the experiences of Black women, working in the field of aviation, through the writings of Black Feminist scholars. Having a more robust understanding of the complex experiences of Black women is imperative if aviation organizations wish to implement structural changes that will ultimately enable them to create, sustain and recruit underrepresented individuals.”

If you are or know of any women of color who would like/be willing to be interviewed for the project, please contact Shannon at:

You can also reach out to me and I would be glad to forward your contact information to her. We love all of our female pilots as well as our ladies of color and are proud to stand behind any efforts that draw us closer to equality in the workplace and beyond!

Blue Skies,


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