Exploring the intricacies, joys, and trials of life as a pilot wife. My goal is to not only survive the pilot wife life but to live it well, strengthen our marriages in a field that can destroy them, and use that experience to encourage others who are living this beautiful chaos of the pilot wife life too.



Angelia Griffin is a talented two-time novelist and mainstream blogger. Her works include The Crystal Keys series: Champion of Destiny and Sera Oth Berinon which she penned with her late mentor and Uncle, Gary Follis. She is also the owner/operator of AGF Publishing and the author of The Pilot Wife Life (www.thepilotwifelife.com) and My Best Laid Plans (https://angeliagriffin.wordpress.com/).

The Pilot Wife Life is a community created to pour encouragement and support into the aviation community in an effort to strengthen aviation marriages. Angelia is a pilot’s wife who decided to make a difference. Her following continues to grow as she explores new and innovative ways to change the culture of aviation from the inside out with an outpouring of positivity and support.

Angelia and her husband live on a quaint homestead in the greater Houston area where they home school their two beautiful children. They are liaison for a local homeless ministry and are heavily involved in many others, tirelessly volunteering within their community whenever and wherever they are needed. Check out her newest aviation specific books HERE!