Here at The Pilot Wife Life, we focus on exploring the intricacies, joys, and trials of life as a Pilot Wife together as a community. My goal is to teach you not only survive the pilot wife life, but to live it well. I want to help you strengthen your marriages in a field that can destroy them, help you gain new perspective, and provide a safe place where you can love your spouse out loud! I candidly share my own experiences to encourage others who are living this beautiful chaos of the pilot wife life too!


The Pilot Wife Life was began in 2016 with a three-tiered mission:

1. Create a positive, supportive community.
2. Teach wives of aviation spouses to F.L.Y. – first love yourself.
3. Strengthen aviation marriagesl

This is a ‘scroll don’t troll’ community. We strive to maintain a positive environment free of trolling or bullying. The demeaning or belittling of any other person is strictly forbidden and enforced. For this reason, we retain the right to remove or reject any content or people that we feel does not fall in line within this decorum or the mission of the community.

Whether you are a pilot, Pilot Wife, aviation enthusiast, family member of an aviation member, or an ‘honorary Pilot Wife’ who simply wants to learn more about what aviation life is like or to be encouraged in their own unique journey, we welcome you with open arms. It is our hope to create a positive impact in our community…and the world.

Welcome aboard! Now buckle up, sit back, and get ready to enjoy your flight.

~Angelia Griffin



Angelia Griffin is a talented novelist and mainstream blogger. She is a pilot’s wife who saw the rampant negativity in her community and decided to make a difference. She continually explores new and innovative ways to change the culture of aviation from the inside out with an outpouring of positivity and support. She believes in the ‘one’ – that each and every person matters. Her goal is not to amass large numbers, but to focus on genuine, one-on-one relationships with her following. For this reason, she answers all communication personally and strives to give the best of herself to each member of the community as an individual.

Angelia and her husband live on a quaint homestead in the greater Houston area where they homeschool their two beautiful children. She is a liaison for a local homeless ministry, and they are heavily involved in many other nonprofits, tirelessly volunteering within their community whenever and wherever they are needed. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference each and every day and leave the world a better place than she found it.

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