Angelia Griffin

Angelia Griffin is a talented novelist, content contributor, and mainstream blogger. She is a Pilot Wife (aka pilot’s wife) who saw the rampant negativity in her community and decided to make a difference. She continually explores new and innovative ways to change the culture of aviation from the inside out with an outpouring of positivity and support. She believes in the ‘one’ – that each and every person matters. Her goal is not to amass large numbers of followers, but rather to focus on genuine, one-on-one relationships with the men and women of the aviation community. For this reason, she answers all communication personally and strives to give the best of herself to each member of the community as an individual.

Angelia and her [aviation] husband, Kevin, live on a quaint homestead in the greater Houston area where they homeschool their amazing high school son who is currently a Life Scout. They also have an older daughter who is studying bioinformatics at an R1 research college. Kevin is the chairman for the local Challenge Air for Kids event where children with special needs are given an opportunity to co-pilot an aircraft. Angelia assists him as his co-chair. He works at a legacy airline. They are both leaders in the local Scout troop. In her spare time, Angelia loves tending the farm and gardens and mentoring this amazing community of aviation families.

Her ultimate goal is to make a difference each and every day and leave the world a better place than she found it.

For even more insight into the [mostly] fearless leader of this community, check out the blog The Who.

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